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  1. I have used copper plated bullets from both Berry and Rainie in my 9mm's and .44 Specials and have been pleased with the results at the range for both brands. Their plated bullets are cheaper than jacketed and dont have the fouling like cast bulltes do. In my guns they have proved just as accurate as jacketed loads.

    Berry Mfg: http://www.berrysmfg.com

    Rainier Ballistics: http://www.rainierballistics.com/mainframe.htm
  2. Actually I buy MagTech bullets (FMJ) for less then Barrys plated bullets.

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  4. I love Barrys Premium Plated bullets, have loaded thousands of 38 & 357 alone. For awhile was loading them by the butter tub full when I got my first revolver.
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  7. That is a very interesting looking bullet, I wonder how the ballistics are on it? It doesnt look too aerodynamic as far as bullets go
  8. Thanks for the link RFH, I will be buying a BUNCH of 9mm and .45ACP in the near future. If there are MagTech bullets out there for cheaper, I'll give them a try as well, but since RFH endorses the Berry's, I'm gonna try them first.

    Does anyone have any info on some cheaper .50AE bullets? Those listed on the Berry's site are a bit bigger than what I am shooting now, and would like to stay in the 300-325 grain area, HP preferred.
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    where are ya buying them? I am looking for 230 gr .451 for my 45acp and the best price for magtechs were 32% higher than berrys
  10. Cabelas

    Berry's (250 count x 2) 41.98
    MagTech ( 500 count) 36.99
    MagTech is almost $5 cheaper

    MagTech (500 count) 65.99
    Berry's (250 count x 2) 73.98
    MagTech is almost $8 cheaper

    Now if you want really cheap and don't mind cast then go here:

    9mm 47.50 per 1,000
    .45acp 79.50 per 1,000
    Shipping is I think 8.95 flat rate.
  11. WOW! I need to place an order with Cabela's quick! All you other reloading vultures are going to buy up all the bullets before I get a chance to get any! LOL!!! You're getting twice the number of rounds for less money, that's a great deal!

    Thanks for the info .45!
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    Sorry if that's misleading. That's why I have the x 2 in there because the Berrys 1re 250 count hence the times 2.
    But the MagTechs are still several dollars cheaper and personally I like them alot.

    For real savings check the link for the cast bullets, they are good stuff also.
  13. Cast are good for plinking on a budget. I had a batch of 9mm (1K roughly) from my father in law a while back (years) from when he sold his last 9mm pistol and the guy didn't want lead cast rounds, told him to keep em, so he gave them to me to feed to my buddies xd9. They all ran GREAT. Only problem was they left some fowling, no big deal. But when I shot lead cast SWC out my my ported .357 I ended up with mess in the ports, but nothing to serious, just wasnt worth the cleaning.
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    If you get Berrys straight from him you can get 124gr RN plated for $51.69 per 1000
  15. I will check that out. I visited the website before and don't remember it being that cheap. If the prices are now that good I'll be ordering a thousand 9mm and maybe a few thou .45.
  16. Wow these prices are great i am gonna have to stco up. now if only i could find cheap powder......................well lets keep it going anyone know where i can order some cheap primers? Can those even be shipped?
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    Hey on the berry's
    I was getting pretty darned excited at that price of just over $50 per 1000 (9mm).. Well I just went thru the checkout and they add a "Lead Surcharge" of $20.40 on top of the selling price... bringing the total before shipping to just over $70 per 1k.. Not that impressive after the lead surcharge... I think I should dig into the berm where I go shooting... and mine all the lead out from decades of shooting... With the prices of lead and copper being what they are.. '

    I just bought 2000 rounds of 9mm tracer for $120 incl shipping Off gunbroker ... They sometimes dont trace but... good for plinking at $60 per 1k. ... There are other deals on bullet components on gunbroker and you dodge this "lead Surcharge".. I just hate hidden costs... Might as well integrate the lead surcharge into the original price..