Bullying: You're not helping!

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    Many of you know that I've been a fan of Cracked.com for years. A new article on bullying there is really worth reading, but I'm gonna skip on to the end, which I like best. Pay attention.

    How did your parents or schools tell you to deal with bullies? The general line of bull**** most kids are fed tends to include things like "walk away" and "bullies are just cowards." What a ****ing load. Bullies aren't cowards, they're kind of the opposite. They're brash enough to stand up and say, "I want to punch that," while pointing at your face. Our society has a tendency to want to try to rationalize negative things in a negative way: bullying is bad, so there must be something about the bully that is weak and exploitable like his victims. Well, no, not really. Maybe he's just an *******, knows he's tougher than a lot of kids, and is amused by beating them. That seriously amuses some people.

    Walking away is another silly-ass piece of advice that you'd look like a complete jackass giving to any adult in a similar situation. Do you say that to victims of muggers or rapists? You could, and then maybe someone could punch you and you could walk away.

    As a kid, you're supposed to trust parents and teachers, so if you find yourself in that role later in life, don't be a douche and tell a kid who is the victim of bullying to walk away. Literally every bullying program I have ever heard about is useless bull**** and includes buzzwords to make educators and ******* parents happy. "Open a dialogue!" "Make banners and buttons that say we're not going to tolerate this!" **** you, you patronizing *******s. That's literally what every 6-year-old would say to you if their minds were as jaded as mine.

    Dialogues and buttons and "education" do nothing. Who the **** isn't educated about bullying in 2014? If someone doesn't get it, that person has a turnip for a brain and no amount of colorful pamphlets will help them become useful to this discourse. Campaigns to stop bullying and raise awareness do nothing to help the kid being called a retard by another kid who's 50 pounds bigger than he is and who's kicking him in the gut. That kid, on the ground, one kick away from pissing himself, needs to know how to defend himself, or he needs a group of friends who, together, can fight off an attack.

    Oh, but more violence isn't the answer! That's exactly the dumb-**** thing people say when confronted with the idea of war. North Korea wants to bomb us, but there must be a peaceful way to resolve it. Why? Why must there? Because you want it to be so? If the world worked that way, if your peaceful whims were the way of everyone, then the bullying issue wouldn't exist to begin with. We're not talking about people who want to sit down with a chai tea and discuss why they feel empty sometimes. We're talking about people who, because they were abused, because they have a chemical imbalance, because they're ignored, neglected, or just because they think it's funny, want to beat and degrade another human being.

    People, especially educators and parents and politicians, need to embrace the fact that you can't plan a peaceful and rational way to deal with something that by definition is neither peaceful nor rational. You may as well try to legislate dog attacks or bee stings in the same way. Listen bees, a lot of us are allergic to you, so we're taking a stand. No more bee stings. From now on, we're against you. We've learned the dangers of an anaphylactic reaction, and we're saying no! We're enacting a "no bee sting" policy, and we will not tolerate even one sting this year.

    Know what a bee says to that? Nothing -- they can't talk. They'll just ****ing sting you for getting too close because. In your ignorance, you had no clue what the hell you were doing.

    So what is the solution to bullying? What will allow future generations to grow up free from mental anguish and self-doubt? Not a damn thing. There is no single solution. There never can be, and that's why every anti-bullying campaign is doomed to fail. There's more than one bully, more than one reason they bully, and more than one victim. The variables are too great and ever-changing, and if that depresses you or makes you feel like the ending of this was anti-climactic, that's part of the problem. Life isn't a story book, bullies don't get what they deserve, and justice doesn't prevail. You **** and get **** on in life. You have good days and bad, highs and lows.

    How could you ever hope to stop bullying if you're not the damn bully? You can't. Instead, you should be teaching kids methods for dealing with the aftermath, for understanding self-worth, for defending themselves, for understanding why someone else sees the world in their own ****headed way and how we all have to roll with that. To do otherwise, to constantly put effort into these ****ty campaigns, just further teaches kids they failed somehow when they get bullied and does nothing to help them deal with it, move on, and be healthy enough to grow into a hilarious master of seduction and awesome, like myself.​

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Unequivocally, 100% correct.
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    Always worked for me. Another thing that helps is having a buddy that's 10 times as tough as the bully, that's willing to take care of things, that's worked for me too.
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    Never worked for me.

    I go lots of stupid advice too. "Be his friend" has got to have been the worst.

    I learned that I had to fight.

    That would have been nice. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    When I was young we moved around a lot - well not a ton but I went to 4 different grade schools. My Dad was in the navy so...

    But anyway as being the "new" kid in school with no friends when I got there, I was always a target for bullies. Thankfully my Dad taught me how to defend myself. I wasn't the biggest kid but by me "putting up a fight" it discouraged the bullies and they went for weaker prey, aka someone who stands there and takes it...

    I have taught my children to always put up some kind of fight, don't walk away, stand your ground. Doing that will discourage them from coming back for more. Make it a pain in the ass for them and they will move on.

    Now I don't encourage initiating any form of violence, but if you are presented with a violent situation the use of force is warranted. Fight fire with fire right?

    My kids would always tell me "I'll get in trouble with the teachers" I told them let me handle the teachers, you take care of yourself.
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    5 guys surrounded me and my gf outside a bar one night, they had a beef with her. I was real skinny all my life, then I got old. But if it wasn't for Charley being one of my best buds, I think we would have got hurt. If someone wanted to beat up Charley, they needed 10 guys.
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    There is only one way to deal with bullies and that is to stand up to them and accept the challenge, beat them at their own game. Works every time and builds confidence in growing youth. What happened when David went up against Goliath? And did the Seahawks did win the Super Bowl last year...didn't they?
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    Was at a bar and this big guy comes up, shoves me and says "your going to buy me a drink" I had no idea who he was, but by the slurring and swaying he was doing he was pretty wasted. He had probably a good 150 pounds on me, as I never was a large guy (150#s) kinda thought about it for a second and told him that I get way to drunk and spend way to much money, so I have my buddy hold onto my wallet when I go out to the bar. I said "he's right over there" and pointed to the largest toughest guy I saw. I then said "buy whatever you want and I'll pay for it, just tell him I said it was ok" I then moved away and watched the fun begin.
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    No it doesn't. But it does work often enough to be a viable first choice for many.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Correct! I was the little skinny kid, with two older brothers who taught me to never give up, and the "No Pain, No Pain" trick. It worked, only way to stop me was to put me clear out, and that never happened.

    I remember getting the crap beat out of me in gym, managed to grap a ball bat and that evened things up. He woke up later and never messed with me again.:)
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    Nothing like a good swift kick in the balls, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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    NE Utah
    This, a thousand times, this.

    "People, especially educators and parents and politicians, need to embrace the fact that you can't plan a peaceful and rational way to deal with something that by definition is neither peaceful nor rational. "
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    That kid was pushed beyond.......his breaking point lol
    I laugh every time I see that video.
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    My oldest son was bullied from kindergarten to 6th grade by the same kid. I hate violence but I have a nak for it. From older brother. I told him do you think you can take him as my wife and I both taught him how toe fight. He said yes I could kick his ass but I will get into trouble. i told him you will not get into trouble if you are defending yourself and I will deal with the Principal who my son had gone to about and the Principal told him to quit being a tattle tale. We have parent teachers conference and I bring it up. The teacher says she cant do anything about it. I tell her my boy will be kicking the other kids a** every time he does it and they will let it go or I will go to the newspaper about the bulling. So my son beats him up a month later and when I go to get him I just got off of work and still had my uniform on. The Principal is holding my kid by the neck. He opens his mouth to speak and I interrupt him by telling him to remove his hand from my kid or he is going to jail. He said that my son just beat up a kid. I told him once again to remove his hand as I step up and pull out my handcuffs. He lets him go and says that he has detention. i told him nope its not going to happen because he just had to do his job of stopping the S*** that is allowed here. He let it go and my son ended up beating this kid once a year because he was to stupid to figure out that he couldn't win
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    When I was in Kindergarten, I was thrown down the stairs by some bullies. When I was in Junior High, I was thrown into a pool by a bunch of bullies. I've encountered bullies all my life. So what? (tic toc, tic toc, tic)
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    I used to get in trouble all the time for beating on the bullies we had a lot in school. They used to pick on the special end kids and that pissed me off. Never got detention though.
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    I've taught my kids how to defend themselves. I've taught them basic USMC hand to hand and basic LiNE training. We've also discussed weapons of opportunity and gone over examples they might find in school. I told them that they should avoid the fight as much as possible but if someone tries to put their hands on them, they have my permission to f*ck that person up and I'll handle the consequences. I've also told my kids that if one of their brothers gets in to a fight, they ALL get in to the fight. I've always been the big kid bullies left alone but my sons are small and one is being harassed by a little black girl who is threatening to kill him and kill his whole family and the school refuses to do anything about it saying it's happening on the bus. Now that he lives with his father he doesn't have 5 brothers to back him up or me to go down to the school to deal with it. He knows better than to hit a female but he's really struggling trying to get through this. I told him to sit right behind the bus driver and keep complaining to the driver and teachers when she does it. I also told him to find people who don't like the girl messing with him and start being their friends because the more people he is friends with who don't like the little girl the more likely she'll be to leave him alone.
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    Amazing thing that if it was the other way around...... Rev Al, and Jesse would be all over it......