Bump Firing

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  1. laubert75

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    Has anyone tried to bump fire there 9mm carbine? can it be done?
    sorry if this been brot up before, search showed no results
  2. I've thought about trying it on my .40. I'm betting that the trigger is just too stiff to be able to do it reliably though.

  3. I have never tried it but I agree with lbreevesii I think the trigger is too stiff. I dont know what the trigger pull is on a 995 but it is alot more than the pull on the G2 trigger group in my converted saiga.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    The only way i think you could do it is with some kind of trigger return spring or the rubber band trick. Never had the proclivity to try after i bumped a marlin camp 45. Nasty. I stick to AKs and ARs for bump-fun.

  5. Lashlarue

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    My SKS was easy to bump fire, but I don't believe the 9mm has enough recoil ,especially with the heavy trigger.When I was paying $99 for a 1200 rd. can of 7.62x39 it was fun to waste ammo that way...Certainly didn't have much accuracy but you could put on a good show for onlookers...
  6. Why waste ammo like this? Sure it looks cool but its a total waste of ammo and range time in my opinion.
  7. No kidding. Waste of time, ammo and money.
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    You forgot to mention dignity and self-respect.