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  2. Nope! Looks like she was just having fun wasting ammo but I enjoyed watching her do it. :D

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    I have not seen any of theirs in person, but I do have Slide Fire stocks on a bunch of AR-15's and AK-47's. They work very well and are easy to control your bursts with.
    If you have ever fired FA, you will find that the muzzle climb using a bump stock is a tad more then a true FA. This is due to the stock movement adding to the normal muzzle climb that wants to happen. Once you get used to it, it is not an issue.
  4. I agree with Flip. I've watched that video quite a few times. :)

    I did see a post, I can't remember if it was here or not, where one of the companies was suing the other one. I'm guessing it's the $100 company getting sued. :) So if you want one, you better get one quick!
  5. Shot a slide fire on a n AR once. And it sure was fun.

    Not quite real FA. But $150 vs. $10,000
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    Fostech, maker of the Bumpski stock, had a lawsuit against Slide Fire Solutions for patent infringement claiming that they (Fostech) purchased the patent rights from Bill Akins, maker of the Akins Accelerator for the 10/22. Now Slide Fire Solutions is suing Bump Fire Systems for patent infringement.

    I don't know what ever happened to the Fostech lawsuit, but I would think any Lawyer worth their salt would have gotten it thrown out.

  7. I shot my buddy's AR with slide fire stock. Lotta damn fun.... but man I can see it being a wallet drainer. $15.00 two second mag dump... you do the math.
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    yes, got one when they were being offered for $95.00 a while back. use to have the SF on a m&p 15-22 with a timney drop in trigger, worked ok but not what i was expecting so got rid of it. also have the fostech on a 5.45 vepr, nice set up. the BFS stock is a bargain, have in on a AR...actually works better than the SF IMHO.