Bureaucracy slowing down my CCW

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  1. browwiw

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    Check this bull out.

    So waiting a whole two and a half weeks after actually taking the CCW class, I finally got the state form confirming my participation in the class in the mail. Happy to finally have it, I took it immediately to the county sheriff's office to get the ball rolling on the next bit of bureaucratic crap. Basically, the course of action is to give 30 bucks to the sheriff for a background check and another 30 bucks to the state police for a simultaneous back ground check.

    The Dept. of Redundancy Dept. shtick is bad enough, but I can't even send in my paper work because the sheriff's office is out of Insta-Matic film. I can't send in the certification for review with out a picture. And, that's right, I can't send in the picture because our po-dunk sheriff's office can't keep the required film in stock. Their answer to me was "call back in a week to see if FedEx delivered it".

    I really can't believe it. I'm mad enough to call the county attorney's office about this. It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but when you think about it I'm being denied my right to timely processing by incompetence. It's like showing up to the voting booth and told you can't vote because they forgot to bring the curtains that go around the booth. This whole situation just agitates me on general principles.
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    dang, what a joke... how many folks live in your sheriff's jurisdiction?

  3. That's a load of horse dung dude.... Hope you get it done soon though.
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    That reminds me of that movie" Well, it seems like this place is 'Two Weeks' from anywhere"
  5. You have got to be kidding me. That movie just came on. And I've never seen it before, so I wouldn't have gotten that reference ten minutes ago. Wow.
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    I can't help but chuckle at this one. I can't imagine how bad that sucks having to wait that much over something so damn stupid.

    Also what I don't get...you have to use their film? Something special about it? What happen to a good old photocopy?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Also what I don't get...you have to use their film? Something special about it?

    It's Kosher,blessed by the Pope, and blessed by Homeland Insecurity, the Queen of England, the Duke of York...........Did I miss anyone else? :lol:
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    The Utah Bureau of Clueless Idiots, took their sweet time getting me mine too. I got it a little over 2 months after sending in completed application, and required paraphernalia...

    Government efficiency at its finest. I just hope I don't ever have to rely on them for something 'important'.
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    Easter Bunny, Betty Crocker, The Boogeyman, Ernest P. Worrell, and mother nature.
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    Well, specifically, the state police don't accept digital photos (and I only have a digital camera) and want the photo in Insta-Matic format.

    Wait...brain spasm...doesn't the post office issue Passports? They can Insta-Matic me!
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    If they don't do it anymore, call the closest State Police/Highway Patrol office. :lol:
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    You can get passport photos at a lot of places,even a lot of WalMarts. Google it or check your phone book. You can also call a local travel agenciy to see if they can recommend one
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    BTW, I was able to get some suitable passport-style pics taken at a CVS the next town over this weekend and I'll be turning in all my paperwork tomorrow. Here's hoping they put another stumbling block in my path.