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this is an old case - Tony Blair is no longer PM.

Click HERE to go to page listing quite a bit of data on the case.

Tony Martin - live alone farmer, shoots two intruders - killing one, wounding another. The other ends up suing for damages. Mr. Martin goes to prison for murder. Lots of dynamics at play; have to read quite a bit to get the whole picture.

One article I found even blamed Mr. Martin, saying if he'd been of "right mind", the intruder wouldn't have been shot - so it's his fault. The key, the author says, if we are all good neighbors, they'll be no more crime.

The crime however, wasn't committed by neighbors of course, but by "travelers" or "gypsies". Rural house, late at night, no neighbor is going to keep one safe.

What a mess. Mr. Martin is out of prison now and not everyone is happy about it.
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