Bushman98 goes to the range.

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  1. Ok guys, finally got some time to head to the range after chopping up my riffle.


    I tell you what... much better than expected.

    First off, nothing went KB. Every rail every screw held on tight, except for the handle... that kept comming loose... blue locktite will fix that right up.

    I was kind of disspointed that I could not see any flash of the end of the rifle... I could not see any with the naked eye and could not capture it with open shutter shots.


    In contrast here is my budy with his 1911:


    Thats a nice fireball.

    Any way, back to the review. I was totally blown away by the accuracy of the carbine. Here are some examples. The top is 10 shots, the one on the shoulder is 3 shots. Only 3 shots cause I blew away the sticker I was shooting at.


    This is the close up ot the 10 shot hole:


    Now I cant brag that I was shooting at 50 yards... it was more like 10.... this was an indoor range after all. Also, all shooting was done with an EoTech holo site. Here is a video of my budy letting some lead fly down range.


    One problem that I did experience was with one of my triggers (go figure). I was not returning properly... or more like a delayed return. But this was due to the fact that this was one that I powdercoated and as Farmkid said, these are pretty tight tolerance and any additional coating will cause problems.... so stop asking for me to offer them painted black :wink: . After the first 50 rounds and a squirt of oil it seemed to loosen up.

    Over all, I think this carbine has quickly become my favorite firearm.
  2. That Carbine looks great!!!!! Good shooting too.

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    Oh man, i gotta take my 1911 to a nite shoot... i gotta see the flash... i just gotta.
  4. First time I saw the top pick I said, "What the **** is that???" Then I notice the EOtech scope too...... Holy Crap! Now that's a project son!

    Let us know how she holds up and can't wait to see what she does at 50, 100 yards. Thanks for sharing!
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    Is that red dot sight on backwards?

  6. I can assure you, its not on backwards :wink: .