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  1. Today Huggy, Muerte, and myself got together for a shoot at Muertes place to throw some lead around and I took the trigger with me that Bushman made. Normally I would be typing a long review out about it, but what it comes down to is I don't have alot to say about it other then it's a fantastic drop in mod that made a world of difference in the feel of the trigger. It feels very much like my 1911 with large surface area for the trigger and has almost no side to side play. Only issue with installation was one of the pin holes must have had a burr or rough spot in it as we had to work the hole a little bit with a small screwdriver, and when I say we, I mean Muerte, as he did the installation. Installation of the trigger was so simple, we were able to do it right there where we were shooting, with only a couple basic tools. This mod is top notch and makes the 995 overall even more of a joy to shoot.
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    Sounds like we're not going to get a chance to buy one for a while. GlockMan got a burr up his arse cause he didn't get the first one. He locked the main thread about the trigger.

  3. It was a fun day.

    Taurus got addicted to a Saiga 12.

    I got to bumpfire a AK.

    Huggy got to try out his modified shotty and some Aguila mini shotgun shells.

    We burned up alot of ammo.

    And the new trigger was a breeze to install it functioned very well.
    I was able to install it in less than 30 minutes sitting on a sheet without instructions. If you look at the holes and think for a second it is pretty straight forward.
    It felt nice and tight. Less side to side wiggle than the stock trigger
    It felt like it had a smoother trigger pull than the stock trigger.

    Overall it was a great day.
  4. Fantastic day. Loved that saiga12, if they wernt so much more darned expensive then the rest I'd be all over it, but alas I am goin with a 7.62x39
  5. Taurus, people over at saiga-12 are expecting the prices to go back down when the Russians start shipping the shotguns in country again. They are expecting them to start arriving again soon.

    If you can wait it would be worth it, out to approx 75 yds the s 12 is an awesome weapon and can fill the air with lead.

    I am waiting with baited breath for my 20 rd drum and it will be even more awesome.
  6. Can't wait, gotta have one. Maybe the wife will let me get another when prices drop back down.
  7. Hope you can get both. I have dreams at night of 20 slugs in a row zipping out of the barrel :)
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  9. Do not start with insults and accusations. Try to act like adults here and behave yourselves as such. This is a serious thing we are duscussing and do not try to start drama over it.
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    My right to have that burr up my butt, your not the ones facing possible legal ramifications if the trigger is defective in some manner and the management of HPFF allows its sale on the forum. All I'M asking for is a few more samples for testing on different guns and Hi-Point gets one so they can determine if the trigger is safe for all versions/ages of Hi-Point firearms. I could be totally wrong and the trigger is the best Mod to come a long in many moon's, but if there is even a chance that it could cause a single A/D then that needs to be explored. We have a brand new product which has been tested by three members over a very short manner of time. This is by no means a product T/E by any standard. And for the record I could care less if I received one for testing or not, let the one I would receive go to Hi-Point for their recommation of its fitness for use on their carbine and pistols as some members wish to use the trigger for them.
  11. I can completely agree with Glockman.

    Even after installing and shooting with the trigger I can see some issues that need to be tested and only time will tell.

    The lower smaller pin on the trigger was a little hard to install and I would like to see if it will stay in place over time.
    The pin looked to be steel and the trigger is aluminum.
    Will the use of it over time cause looser tolerances?
    Could the pin work its way loose over time?
    This could be a non issue but it does need to be looked into.
    I would never want someone to use one of these and wind up having a AD due to some issue that is not taken into account.

    I would love to have one of these triggers for both my 995 and C9 but at this point if I had one I would keep a close eye on it to make sure the materials are compatible with each other and hold up over time.

    I completely agree that Beemiller should receive a few of these to test and give their say on the issue.

    I would say a stress/longevity test should be done to see how it holds up after thousands of trigger pulls.
    Even something as simple as a offset dowel that can be put into the chuck of a drill and positioned so that as it rotates it engages and disengages the trigger over and over could be done to see how everything holds up.
    A setup like that done on an unoiled and dry receiver would give a good idea of wear and tear in a few hours and give a better basis for acceptance by Glockman and anyone else looking to purchase one of these triggers.

    Ok. Sorry for the long spiel.
    I have just seen alot of weapons break due to material incompatibilities and can also see where Glockman is coming from.
  12. I was actually trying to think up somnething like this in my garage this morning when I went out for my morning smoke. Didn't think of the offset dowel though, but the drill/dremel part was running through my head.
  13. Glad I could help with your conundrum. :D
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    My appologies.
    But I don't think Beemiller is going to endorse any modification other than ones by their design team, to avoid any and all liability.
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    hmm.. im kinda with Glockman on this one.

    i dont doubt that teh trigger is fantastic. I want like 3 of them.. but maybe it IS a good idea to have it safety tested by HP first.. just in case.
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    Is this the same Hi-Point who kicks back the ATI stocks everybody but my wife seems to love.
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    Hi-Point does not warranty ATI stocks, why should it cost them money in man hours trying to correct problems for something they dont sell or recommend. But I'M sure when you got your 995 back from Hi-Point it function like new, had all the latest up-dates and they most likely threw a free magazine your way? What else do you want from them? Try getting customer service like that from any other gun company!
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    I don't think he was complaining. Just pointing out that it seems unlikely they would test out this third party trigger, when they remove the ATI stocks before they even work on them.
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    +1 brazillion Mike_Az