Bushman's Trigger and Charging Handle [Pics]

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    I just want to Thank Bushman for great service and a great product. He answers his Emails/PM in a timely manner and ships fast. I sent paypal on Sunday and got everything on Thursday!! Ill be purchasing a Flash hider as soon as their ready! I will probably be painting this black or polish them. One suggestion I could make on this product is that maybe you could knurle the grip on the handle and the inside of the trigger. Thanks again to Bushman, He is good business.
    Sorry if the pictures are to artsy. :)

    A match made in Heaven
  2. Thanks for the compliment.

    I like the pictures... may need to rob them for my store front. I just wish you would have polished them up a bit :)

    As far as your suggestion... knuckle?... do you mean knurl... as in add some knurling to increase grip?... good thought... but alot more dificult to accomplish since the handle surface is concave and the trigger is cut on a mill.... maybe a straight handle with knurled surface... kind of like a maglite.... hmmm. May have to give that some thought.

  3. ntermind

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    Yea I got them right out of the mail and had to snap a couple pictures. Ill post more with progress!!
  4. Sig Man

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    Wait til you try it out. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

    Bushman has a great product. I love mine... :D
  5. studlee

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    Awesome products from Bushman

    I also have to praise Bushman's Trigger and Charging Handle. What a huge difference the trigger makes. A much better feel and smoother operation. Not that plastic rough feeling.

    Bushman sent me the Charging Handle he had painted black. Much better look and feel overall.

    Bushman responded quickly and I wasn't even expecting to receive the items so quickly. I suggest everyone do this upgrade!

    Thanks Bushman!

    Here are some pics also:


  6. AndrewST

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    Ohh nice. I have the chrome bushman handle and love it.

    Hey Bushman what did you use to paint the handle?
  7. The one that studlee got was a prototype anodized handle... only one of its kind. If you can believe it, its painted with a Sharpie (yes a permanent black marker). But due to the anodizing proces it actually sealed into the metal... so the only way your getting it off is by removing very hard metal.
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    Bushman, I just got my trigger and handle combo today, and I must say I'm impressed. I can lock the bolt back much easier now, and with out pinching. The trigger took some doing (that small pin is a bitch!) but once I got it seated, it worked like a dream. I did a quick buff with my Dremmel and now they are nice and shiny! It's amazing how much better it looks and solid it feels with these upgrades. As far as I can tell, you're the only game in town, so I hope you continue to provide these products (and hopefully make some money while your at it) which solve the two biggest problems with the 995 carbine: the charging handle and the trigger.
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    see my post at charging handle/trigger upgrade to 4095