Bushmaster XM15E2S

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  1. I just finished paying this lay away off. Check it out!
    I plan on hitting the range Sunday.Used Bushmaster.....

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  3. That thing is sweet looking... Nice score.
  4. Thanks. I found this one at Gander Mountain used for 649.00 without the scope. Everything else I had looked at ran around 879.00 and up.
  5. Looks like an AR trend is about to follow the mosin trend! Nice lookin bushy, bet that thing is a sweet shooter. I don't get to shoot mine till sunday :-( Is it .223 or 5.56?
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    Hi-Points.....Mosins....ARs......whats next?
  7. It is .223
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    Those are awesome! Got the chance to fire one about 25 years ago. Even then, they were very expensive; 2-3 times the Bushy. Got one of these instead.

    All Bushys are 5.56.

    Bushmaster Dissipator (16" heavy barrel with long hand grip and front sight pushed all the way out to the muzzle. Recently added the foregrip and rail, cheekrest for the collapsible stock, Simmons scope.

  11. On the side of my gun it has both .223 and 5.56.

  12. Ok, 5.56 it is! Will chamber both, but is a 5.56nato
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    Yes, 5.56 NATO. BTW, if it says 5.56, that is a NATO designation, .223 is not a NATO designation. Bushmaster used to have an entire explanation on their website about the difference between the two; I can't find it yet. I know the difference is in the CUP (Copper Units of Pressure). NATO is higher pressure. So, 5.56 will fire .223, but not vice versa...safely, that is.

    I found it! It's in the 2006 catalog, page 6.

    .223 Remington or 5.56mm: We’ve had numerous inquiries about .223 Rem. versus 5.56mm NATO ammunition. The short answer is that all Bushmaster barrels are chambered for the 5.56mm cartridge. Most of our barrels are stamped 5.56 NATO - usually just ahead of the front sight. Despite the fact that our Lower Receivers are stamped CAL.223-5.56MM, our chambers, barrels, and bolts are designed to withstand the higher pressures of the 5.56mm cartridge. We do this for the safety of our customers, and because our rifles have always been built following the military pattern. In any of our barrels, both the .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO cartridge can be fired safely.

    So, what’s the difference between the two cartridges? They have basically the same exterior dimensions and length, but the 5.56 is usually loaded to produce higher velocity and chamber pressures. It has thicker case walls for the extra strength needed to handle those higher pressures. The difference comes in the chambering of the rifle, and that difference is in "Leade" (more commonly known as the throat) which is the portion of the barrel directly in front of the chamber where the rifling has been removed to allow room for the seated bullet. In a 5.56mm chamber the throat is typically .162" – in a .223 chamber it’s usually .085"(about half that dimension). The result of firing a .223 cartridge in the Bushmaster 5.56mm chamber is a slight loss of velocity when measured against the 5.56mm cartridge.

    However, if you own other (non Bushmaster) rifles specifically chambered for the .223 Remington, you should not use 5.56mm ammunition in them as it is considered by SAAMI (Small Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) to be an unsafe ammunition combination. (This 5.56mm/.223 Rem. information from Bushmaster Gunsmithing and the Winchester Law Enforcement Ammunition Website.)
  14. Went to the range today and shot around 200 rounds. Zero problems. I only shot 50 yards out. The next thing I knew I was out of ammo. I hope to shot futher next time. Brought the weapon home broke it down and cleaned it and then back into the safe.
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    Maybe that's only "50 yards out" shooting,but at 100 yds out,you are still on the money and will knock down anything within range. That is really steady consistant shooting. Looks like your scope and you, are really tuned into that AR?!
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    Try the 25 meter zeroing procedure with one of the bushmaster zero targets.I don't know if your rifle came with one since you bought it used but if it did not you can order one from the bushmaster website.The target has the instructions on it about how to adjust your windage and elevation after each 3 shot group.Zero it at 25 meters the way they tell you too and it is dead on at 300 meters.I didn't believe it until i tried it with my Bushmaster XM15E2S.
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    Everything you never wanted to know about AR 5.56mm/.223 chamberings:

    From http://forums.gunbroker.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=164805

  18. Thanks for the information everyone.