Bushnell Spoting scope

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  1. Hey all. I was cleaning out the closet and i found this Spoting scope the wife had bought for me about 6 months back. I have opened it but never used it. It is a 18-36 x 50mm Bushnell Sentry. She paid $119.00 for it i am offering it to someone here for $70. I will ship it or delever it localy. I just simply have no use for it. Please for give the cat he wanted to be in the picture. :D Oh and as always i will except trades just give me a PM.




  2. Any chance you'd be willing to do a trade for a 160 gig HDD or some other computer junk?

  3. Sorry i have no use for comp stuff if it wasnt for sites like this one i wouldnt even have a comp...............lol
  4. would take some magazines for a 995 though if ya got em.
  5. Hmm..this is the same spotting scope I used at the range many times and know its a darn good one. Will see when I get home tonight if I have anything else you'd be interested in. Wish I could buy it outright, but not enough free funds right now. Maybe will try to sell more computer stuff. Thanks for the fast responce.
  6. no problem i am just at work avoiding doing anything to work related..........
  7. Hows this for a trade, my avatar you stole for the spotting scope, theres a good deal!

    Edit: But I want the cat in the deal too.
  8. Ill give you the damn cat you just goota deal with my wife. She hates the cold, is 4 months pregnant and loves that cat more then life itself. If you want to take on her and get rid of the cat ill give you the scope. oh by the way she quilified Expert in both pistol and rifle.
  9. LOL... cats yours... screw the pistol and rifle quals, prego is enough to keep me away and scared.
  10. Damn it! I want that scope too... no cash though! Crap!
  11. Yes, primal and I can attest that this is a damn fine scope.
  12. I don't know how many times Taurus and I went to the range that we borrowed a scope just like this one when we were shooting on the 200 yard range. That's a hell of a spotter boys...
  13. Hey primal tell you what give me that 50ae of yours and i will even play the shipping on it...................lol
  14. I think in order for him to agree to that i would have to include a few $100 bills in the case also................
  15. Try about 15 of them, minus the cost of the spotting scope... Oh, you can throw in about 3 more of those Bennies for all my ammo, brass, powder, primers, press, and 2 sets of dies I have for it. Even then, it wouldn't be worth it to me in the long run. I am sure my local sporting goods store has a spotting scope JUST like that one for a price.... :wink: Just think, then we could leave the post office out of the whole deal!!! :mrgreen:

    It was a nice idea though.... for about 3 seconds! :lol:
  16. lol ya well i had to try.................I still have never shot a 50ae i may have to rent one next time i am at the indoor range just for grins.......anyways ok who whant this fine peice of viewing equipment
  17. Dude, you're killing me.... Does the price include shipping?
  18. no you gotta pay shipping unles we are trading somthing then i will take care of it on my end and you will on yours.
  19. SOLD! pending

    thanks for looking!