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Butt pad on carbine mod?

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I ordered one and I'd like to sugjest ya'll add a pair of Velcro straps over the mag pockets to keep them more secure, I've found in mine after only a day of owning it that the mags, if you are not careful, can slide out and hit the ground. I'll be sewing a pair of cheap simple straps of some sort onto mine. Maybe one that buttons down, which ever is cheapest... but I hope someone there at the factory reads these and just gives it some thought...
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I agree. The pouches should have a a hook & loop (e.g. Velcro) closure. On another thread on this topic, I implemented the suggestion of black spongy shelf-liner material from WallyWorld to line the inside of the pouches. Make a U-strap of the spongy liner material about one inch longer than the long side of the magazine. Insert magazine with the U-strap into the pouch. Tuck in the loose ends. Works if you are not handy with needle and thread. I'd also like to try an adhesive on the outside of the spongy liner, insert with magazine, withdraw magazine and let adhesive dry for a more permanent liner.

I'll look for that thread reference.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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