Buy Carbine Full Boat?

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    Is it worth buying the carbine full boat with all the factory toys or just the forward grip and add your own stuff later?

    I probably would have bought one yesterday except nobody at the show had any. No HiPoints at all.

    Are the camo ones available to order? If so how much more? My favorite LGS at the show has none in stock. Told me to call him on Monday and remind him.

    I removed the Lazerlyte from my JHP45 because the switch worked when it wanted to.
  2. SWAGA

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    I'd buy one nekked and add things later.
    Unless you can find one where the price is less then the sum of all parts like a gun show special.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    But the forward grip is OK from the factory? I was reading and it seems like most everyone likes the grip.
  4. MachoMelvin

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    I have got MoM's FG's on my 995TS & 4595TS. I'm thinking maybe one of these on 4095?

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  6. MachoMelvin

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    I'm also looking at putting an aluminum full length top rail on & use flip up front & rear sights.
  7. boicecf

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    I would (and did) purchase a basic 995TS and added what I needed mostly from Amazon. I suggest that you put some rounds through it and then decide what you need!! The Hi Point accessories are OK at best but you can upgrade by purchasing on line and save a few bucks to boot!!
  8. call him tomorrow and order one up plain.

    More fun to add stuff ala carte.
  9. ArmyScout

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    Buy one plain. Then add what you want as you go along. Otherwise you may buy it with all the attachments, you later don't like.
  10. bluharley

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    I'll be buying my 4095 plain, well maybe with the red dot, it's $10 cheaper that way. If CTD had one with a red dot and a compensator, I might do that. And if they had one with ....etc.
  11. I bought my 995ts plain jane, my dealer had one with everything on it but it was about $80 more. I added a angled forward grip ($12 shipped from ebay) and a mag holder (from Hi-point) and I am good to go.
  12. rebelyankee

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    BUY it full boat IF you can afford to. You will eventually add on almost everything available for it, and then some, because it is such a fun gun to shoot and so versatile.

    I bought mine with the folding grip, and light. I then added extra magazines, the magazine holder, and the muzzle break. I then removed the lite, and transfered it to my SKS platform and replaced my Hipoint lite with another more to my liking.

    Then I bought Hi capacity Pro Mags, and canibalized the followers from the factory mags to make them work reliably.

    I wish I would have bought the package with the laser sight too! When you get the full boat it's like buying a car fully loaded, only better. It's far more cost effective than adding on all those options later, and you can always use them elsewhere if you don't find them to your liking on this platform.

    Don't listen to Swaga, his degenerate criteria is ALWAYS everything and everybody naked! LOL!
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  13. SWAGA

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    Nekkend and afraid = cheaper........;)
  14. Rerun

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    What kind of boat are You buying? I never heard of a Carbine design...

    I have heard of a Rifleman boat design.

    Clue me in here, if You please.

  15. rebelyankee

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    You WATCH that show don't you? LOL.
  16. SWAGA

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    Yep, keep hoping the guy that does the blurring gets a little behind.....

    * no offense, lady bits only *
  17. Kronos

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    With the exception of maybe the vfg. Otherwise, better accesories can be added for not much more.

    Vfg vs afg (vertical forward grip vs angled forward grip) is a matter of.personal, ergonomic, preferrence. Some prefer a vfg, others an afg. I might add that the vfg that HP provides can be locked into a pseudo-afg position. If you find you find that more comfortable, go with an aftermarket afg.
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  18. Kronos

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    They're always more affordable when they're nekkid n afraid. Oh wait....we talking bout guns? ;)
  19. lsi1

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    i'd buy fully loaded. yes you can probably do better prices on better acessories. but if you buy it outright at once you only have one purchase to hide from the wife.

    I found mine used from a friend and paid almost nothing for it i called hipoint ordered too much stuff from them (ts stock, compensator, vfg, mags, mag carrier) then added optic and light myself. all in i'm in under the price of a naked carbine but thats just because i got a great deal on the gun itself.
  20. The factory vertical grip is an ergonomic disaster, but I keep mine on my 995TS because it houses an extra disassembly tool.