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Buy once, Cry once???

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Something has come over me lately. All my life I have been doing the most with the least. At first it was because I could only afford the least. But as things changed for me, I still bought the least.

I started some time back buying the least just to see if I liked what I was buying. If I did like it, I bought a premium version and kept the least as a backup. If I did not like it, my reasoning was that I was not out of much.

Tecently I have just started buying the premium stuff outright. I think part of it is that when I buy something if I buy it, it’s because I want it anyways. Over half the time I buy a new product to me, I end up liking it anyways. But I think the main reason is that stuff has been so hard to get that even the cheap stuff has risen to the point that it’s usually about 2/3rds of what the premium stuff is anyways.

Case in point. I decided I wanted to try a canister stove. One make that is considered the best of the best costs about $70. Another that is considered a decent stove costs about $50. it used to be around the $30 mark.

I also find it interesting that the premium stuff has not raised as much in price as the cheaper stuff. I guess that just says that the premium stuff is athe point that the market will bear.
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Boots. Its like boots.
Buy a pair of cheap boots at $20 a pair, they last 6 months to a year.
Buy a decent to mid range boots at $200, they'll last 10 years or more. No real cost savings there, you're spending $200 in 5 to 10 years on $20 boots, or more money with inflation and less quality/value.

Cars......... that's a whole subjective thing.

Clothing..... I do a LOT of thrift shop browsing. So I save a lot of money on clothes that fits me and looks good and lasts decently. A few times I've found brand new with tags on thrift racks in my size.. they've last me long time.
I have a pair of Tru-Spec BDU heavy weight (winter cotton?) pants in black that my parents bough way back in 1996 or so... and they're still going strong, if just a little faded.

Down sleeping bags from the 1960s-1980s, much warmer and loftier than the USGI MSS system :rolleyes: granted, the MSS system likely was stored tightly compressed for a good long time versus the vintage down bags, all of which I acquired from thrift stores. Ditto for the wool blankets I have. They have remained pretty dang warm and scratchy compared to the plush fleece stuff my wife likes. I may have a wool blanket thst's more than 120 years old if the old guys in another forum are correct about the styling and finish... I do have a 1960s VN era wool casualty blanket that goes camping along with a 1980s off-white NATO wool blend (80% wool) naval blanket.

Tents...... that's a toss up. I've had to toss tents abd tarps because of the vomit smell of the failing polyurethane coating... but they were cheap tents and tarps to begin with... and I still have a 1950s maybe, BSA or homemade pup tent in canvas that looks decent... my BushCraft Outfitters 1.9oz.10x10 coyote tarp is still going strong, I think its maybe 8 to 10 years old?
Id love to know which mid range boots last that long
I'm having zero luck with boots.
Rocky and Danner boots are the ones I've heard last a long time... me... Bellevue USGI boots... they weren't $200 lol but I'm cheap. Old black leather Bellevues, I bought about 8 years ago in surplus shop, wore for 5 years, were made in 1991. Dad got me desert tan suede side out Bellevues a few years ago, they're still going strong
He has a pair of Rocky tactical boots, I remember him buying them new for like $230 in 1999... they're still going strong.
I wear pull ons, if that matters for brands.
$230 in 1999 is like a grand now
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