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  1. So I was surfing the web and some how I found a gun shop in my area that I have never heard off.... they seem to have a pretty extensive inventory of firearms. So, I click on the promotions page and wow, never seen this kind of deals in my life:

    Check out the ones on the bottom. Buy a rifle and get a S&W 22A for 49 bucks... or a sigma for 99 :shock: Thats nutty.
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    Geez, that's nuts! I can only assume they make up for that in the selling price of the larger weapon in that sale. They probably have a higher markup on the shotgun and other weapons listed with the Sigma.

  3. Its not a local promotion, I took advantage of S&W's buy a 460 xvr and get a sigma for $99 for christmas (well my wife did for me for my present)

    Since we were buying the 460 anyway, we couldn'e pass on the $99 S&W pistol.......
  4. Unfortunately the ad has already expired. Look in the bottom right says good till Jan 31, 2008
  5. Their other prices are decent-high. And they don't stock Hi-Points :(.
  6. I bought my M&P 9mm last December. $650 marked down to $550. Another $50 off with a mail-in rebate and I got two free mags.
  7. They have the same deal going on here in Michigan too, you buy any gun priced over 500 dollars and you get a 9mm or a 40cal Sigma for 99 bucks. Its a good deal.
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    ya its a S&W promotion seen that same thing in shop here.
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    i just how they have pormotions instead of promotions :p