Buyer Beware: .45 7 round magazine

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    I saw this magazine and was excited because the add claimed it would fit any HP 45 and be flat against the grips. This is NOT the case. I ordered one to see if it would work and it doesn't. This mag is for the old HP only and not any newer HP. The mag is 1/4 too short and the bullet will not cycle into the chamber. The mag does not have any notch for the mag release button. I would have drilled one if I had to, but that isnt the issue. It is just too short.

    Do not buy this mag if you have a JHP 45.
  2. BSK

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    you might want to tell those guys

  3. roger, thanks for the post.
  4. I sent an email and left the feedback.
  5. i am digger, not roger. :lol:
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    I ran into this mag also but, mine came from cheaper than dirt.
  8. It doesn't have a notch for the magazine release...

    Is it for the old model .45s?
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    Sounds like a mag for the old Stallard .45. Granddad to the JHP.
  10. Thats what I am thinking, but they are advertising it as universal.
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    Good stuff to know...i had actually posted a thread in regards to these mags. I love the JHP .45 ACP, i just do not like the big rubber pad on the bottom of the mag. Guess I will have to get over it...
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    thats for the old non-polymer 45s.