Buying a Hi-point, Any reason not to buy used?

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  1. Joe Sixpack

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    Hello, im planing on buying a C9 soon.. probably within the next few days.

    A local gun shop is offering them for 119.99

    which dont seem bad.. however with hi-points warranty i wonder if there is any reason i should'nt look for a used one, possibly at a pawn shop?

    also does the gun come new with 1 or 2 mags?

    im also interested in a 995 carbine.. i like pistol caliber carbines and this one seems cheap and heard many good things about it.

    the same shop has them new for 159.99 whats the going price on these?

    I definitely wanna get a ATI stock also.

    btw when will the .45 carbine be coming out? or has it already?
    i like 9mm but would'nt mind having a 45 also.. im not a fan of .40

    also the only thing i dont understand about the design is how in the world can the firing pin be used as an ejector? would'nt there be a possibility of the round going off when unchambering it?
  2. rjmorel

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    The prices you quote are very good and $5-$8 cheaper then I paid and I thought I was getting a good buy. C9 comes with 1 mag if I remember right. You may want to get a 10 rd mag if you by extras. Gives a nice grip extention but not as compact for CCW. The firing pin can eject the SPENT shell cause it's already been FIRED. Works great. Rob

  3. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    i wont be using it for carry but i'll look into the 10 rnders.. i generally like my mags to be flush though..

    no no i ment say you have a round chambered and you need to unload the gun.. you eject a live round it's gonna hit the primer on a unfired round.

    seems like there would a chance of a discharge.

    spent round i see no problem is unloaded a live round i dont understand how it's safe.
  4. thats a good question, i was just watching the H-P animation a hour ago and thought it was odd that the firing pin also acts as the ejector...
  5. Scriz

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    The only reason I would not buy used, is personal preference. I like "breaking things in" on my own. I like being the first one to use it, fire it, whatever.

    On the other hand, as great as Hi-Points warranty program is, if I found that was in eye raising price range, theres no way I could resist.
  6. If you can find one used, pick it up, an dsend it in to hi point for a check, cleaning, and updates. On the other hand that is a pretty good price for a new hp. I have unchambered rounds hundreds of times, you dont have to Worry about an AD.
  7. rjmorel

    rjmorel Member

    "no no i ment say you have a round chambered and you need to unload the gun.. you eject a live round it's gonna hit the primer on a unfired round. "

    Now I see what your saying. You take out the magazine first , then gently pull the slide back and out pops the live round. I think since the bullet doesn't have anything supporting it in the way of front to back support and it's just hanging on there by the ejector key ,the spring tension of the ejector key is not enough to allow the firing pin to push into he primer before the bullet is ejected. Hows that for an Einstein theory?? :))))))))
  8. Yup C9 comes with one magazine. I wouldn't hesitate to buy used since Hi-Point has such a great warranty.
  9. tsmith05

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    Buy them NEW for that price. If you buy them used you won't be saving that much $$$. Most pawn shops in my area will sell a used, 90% condition C9 for $100 - $125.

  10. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    ya i just ran the gambit and called all pawn shops i could find in the phone book..

    only 2 shops had one..

    found a c9 for 100 at one shop.. and another had the carbine for 129.. i could probably talk down another 10 bucks or so..

    the c9 im not sure because they guy was foreign and spoke bad english.. at first he said yes i have.. then he said.. let me check.. then he said.. no i dont, then he said.. wait i do..

    lots of grunts and groans.. probably keeps them all crammed up in a box or something..

    im thinking get the c9 new.. the carbine i might go look at since the pawn shop is like 2miles away, but if i can't get for 120 or less i probably wont buy it unless it's super shape.

    what do you guys think?

    it's not that they cost that much new it's that i have mags to buy for my other guns and also im saving my pennies for a px4sc.. not to metion im also on the hunt for a taurus 909 ss, which is also illusive.. the speed at which the pawn shops answer NO we dont have it astounds me.
  11. I'd jump on a 995 for $129: if there's anything wrong with it, HP will fix it. The C9 for a C-note is not quite as definitive a deal, but -- heck -- that's what I paid for mine, used. But if you have to choose, get the 995 first, and if the C9 falls through, so be it.
  12. I personally would buy a new C9, but thats me I don't like second hand handguns I like to break them in also. But for that price jump on it.
  13. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    just wanted to update everyone that i went to the shop today. bought a c9 and a 995 nib, total was almost 299 exactly after taxes.

    i went to check out the used 995 at the pawn shop but.. i was only gonna save 30 bucks and the gun was hosed out.. looked like it had never been oiled and scratches and gouges all over it.

    i was gonna try to talk them down.. even with the warranty i would'nt have paid more then 90 bucks for it.. but i did'nt even bother, pawn shops have that creepy feel to them.. shady places.

    I will be writing up a "first impressions" review of the guns hopefully later tonight if i can find time and also some pictures.

    i'll also write up a range report once i get to the range but im waiting on some mags for my taurus 92 before i go back to the range again.
  14. neothespian

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    That totaly depends on the market. In Phoenix the NIB price for a C9 is $169.99 from a very reputable dealer in Tempe. Used C9's go for about $120 to $130. Finding a .40 HP in this town used is very rare, hence my excitement as well as others in the California/Arizona area when I found one for $105. 995's are about $220 IF you can find a stock unit.

    I hear Midwest and some Deep South prices are stupid cheap, but the closer you get to the West Coast the higher the prices go.
  15. Here in South Georgia I paid (all this year)

    $139.95 for my C9 w/case.
    $149.95 for my .45
    $199.95 for my 995

    I've gotten all of my accessories for the 995 from, you won't find better than Benny !!!!

    I've ordered extra clips for the Pistols from
  16. Scriz

    Scriz Guest

    Just thought I'd help ya out there hitman. :D
  17. I can't find anything new or used out here right now. The last 2 gunshows I went to, same thing, no Hi-points. A couple of venders had magazines, but they were more expensive than the factory.
  18. I think Fox told me Accuracy carries them. I bought my 995 from National Survival, and he had Hi-Point pistols then too.

    Call and check.
  19. I found a C9 locally for $70 and I am going to pick it up this week. It was still in the box with all papers. Just for info, does a .380 come with compensator and a laser ? I think the pawn owner thought it was a .380 but it is a 9com.
  20. The .380, like the C9, comes with no compensator and laser, nor is there a provision for attaching either. Sounds like a C9 COMP.