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  1. Hey guys I"m fixing on buying me a .45 semi auto compact for CCW. I only wanna spend around 400 bucks any suggestions on the make and model I should get? I"m also left handed so I gotta get a gun with a safety I can operate.
  2. I would put this in the "other brand of firearms" forum. You will get a better responce there.

    I would say:
    PT 145

    Im not sure of any other models under the 400 mark. In 45acp. There are alot of firearms that open up in the 400-500 range though.

  3. Not certain of the details but Taurus makes a .45 in that price range as does RIA.
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    If you're looking for a good .45ACP , get a Rock Island Armory 1911. It's a Mil Spec 1911 and it's a GREAT shooter. The other guys on the forum that own one will prolly chime in on how great these pistols are.
  5. The only .45 I've had that sells in that price range is one made by Armscor (also sold as Rock Island Arms) and everyone that's shot it likes it. There's a picture or 2 on this thread somewhere or maybe over on UW. It looks just like any othert 1911 equipped the same way and parts are supposed to interchange. I certainly think it was a pretty good deal. The Philippine military uses them rather than buy from Colt, if that means anything to you.

    Good luck with your hunt, a new gun is always fun.
  6. I agree with the others on the RIA in the price range that you're looking, I mentioned the Taurus as you specified a .45 not a 1911.
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    Just bought a Ruger p345 so slightly used I consider it new for $300.
    I LOVE the gun.
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  9. The hard chromed version is well worth the $40 for the service, would cost considerably more to have it done after the fact. That gun is so sexy it's taking everything I have not to order one. But I fear I will sucomb eventually as that deal is just to tempting. She'd look nice next to the black Springfield huh?
  10. A .45 for CCW and under $400....

    Look at the Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro because its about the most concealable pistol in this caliber and price range.

    The Rock Island Arms 1911 is a fine gun but not everyone can conceal them well enough for comfortable carry. The Ruger .45 auto is another fine gun but its another one that does not concel well for the average person.
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    And or the Taurus 24/7

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    Adam, I am looking for pretty much the same thing you are and have personally decided on the Taurus 24/7. I like the long slide .45 version myself, but may have to go with a .40 or smaller .45 due to the fact that I am a small guy and large pistols are hard to conceal. In that price range, the sw sigmas are another good option. The taurus won out for me because of extra round capacity, price, and the single action / double action feature of the 24/7 line. I am almost tempted to look at the 9mm 24/7 as well because of the 17 + 1 capacity. I think you get all the quality you do with the other brands of comparable firearms at a much better value. They can be found on gun broker for right at $300 plus shipping and transfer fees.
  13. I also agree that for your price limit-- and caliber (.45acp), get a RIA -- 1911s are pretty slim and work nice with a shoulder ig in cool times with even a thin jacket-- you would be able to carry (climate depending) fall through spring...
  14. thanks everyone for the input I think I"m gonna go with the Taurus Millennium or the 24/7 both are great looking guns and work good.
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    If you can find one, an AMT backup is the best CCW 45 I have ever held.