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Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by handcannon, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. handcannon

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    Where do you guys order your ammo from? I have used cheaper then dirt a few times but was wondering if anyone had a credible site they buy from. Just bought a tokarev and just looking for some cheap ammo for it.
  2. SDProf

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    Haven't done any online ammo purchases, but I've heard good about They have a very good searching feature.

  3. planosteve

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    SG ammo, Cabela's, Midway, and PSA. I have never had an issue with any of them. Wait for sales.
  4. Rachgier

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    Check out our In Stock Ammo Deals thread in the marketplace. Our members will post deals offered up by vendors they trust. Who knows, you may even catch a good deal in the process.

    Edit: I said deal way to many times.
  5. OldOutlaw

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    Take my word for it, they are high priced compared to most places. Worst about them is they will stick it to you on shipping charges. I found out the hard way. SG Ammo is the best over all in my opinion. Low shipping cost and you see it when you look at an ammo item.
  6. SavageGuy

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    Cabela’s is constantly having sales and shipping deals. About a month ago, they has free shipping on everything, no minimum. I ordered over 50 lbs of ammo.........
  7. bscar

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  8. Dane

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    Sorry , you bought the wrong caliber. :) There are no cheap rounds anymore for that. Though keep a watch everywhere you go. I saw some in an ACE hardware. Surplus boxes 70 round Polish for $14 before any discount. Other than that as mentioned watch for sales.

    These guys usually have free shipping on a case.

    Check this search engine too.
  9. HP/C9/45ACP

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    In the past I've bought military surplus from Ammo to Go and new/reloaded ammo from Freedom Munitions.
  10. Freedom Munitions. Wait until they have free shipping to buy. First time buyers get free shipping. At least they did.
  11. CurtZHP

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    I use a little place called Selway Armory in Montana. Decent prices.
  12. FlashBang

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    Depends on what model Tokarev you bought... is it 9x19 or 7.62x25?

  13. Edknn

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    I got 2 bad batches of ammo from Freedom that they refunded. If you order from them, just create a new account each time with a different email address. You will get free shipping on each order then. They only go by email, not address or credit card number.
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    Dude, what's the deal?



    Peace favor your sword,
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    Careful, someone is going to call in to question the morality in which you have based living your entire life on, AGAIN, because you snaked free shipping.

    Well the deal is that the ideal situation would involve a deal where we wouldn't have to deal with snarky people.
  16. This gives the price from just about everyone, and it is updated as to availability of the ammo listed.
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    He wasn't talking about you.
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    Quoted my post and mentioned the free shipping. Sure looks like he was talking about me.
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    You should go back to the first thread in which you mentioned scamming free shipping where another member basically compared you to the worst criminal on the planet for your free shipping scam and I defended you and told him to get bent.

    And exploiting a system to gain free services is, by letter of the law, fraud and/or theft of services. So if you want to jump on the same high horse I knocked your accuser off of last time, go right ahead.