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  1. Quick question, I am from Ohio but lives in the socialist utopia that is NY, I go home once and a while and everything there is cheaper with real gun shops. Could I buy a rifle there?
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    Depends on the home of record listed on your ID and then what sort of rifle you're looking to purchase.

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    If your permanent residence & ID (Drivers License) is recorded as in Ohio, you're legally OK to purchase and take possession in Ohio. If it's NY, then you need to follow the Federal laws concerning FFL interstate transfers and any NY laws specific to purchasing firearms as well.

    Further, if your permanent residence & ID is Ohio, while you can purchase and take immediate possession of any firearm which is legal for you to own in Ohio, transporting it to NY is a different animal altogether.

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  4. All my paperwork is NY, guess no new ar them. Once kids are done with school gotta get out of here. Thanks
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    Ummmm....I'm pretty sure that you can buy long guns at an FFL dealer in another state, and take it home, unless you live in a socialist utopia.

    But...the dealer can say no, and your state might have laws affecting that, which is why Rach mentioned home of record, as NY was one of those states.

    So...since you are from are doomed.:(
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    I just escaped from the Binghamton area and moved to South East Colorado.
    You couldn't import an AR to NY without committing 2 or 3 felonies and getting the selling FFL on NY's sh*t list and possibly prosecuted for it.

    Possession of an unregistered assault rifle, importation of a banned weapon, and a charge for every single "high capacity" mag that holds over 10 rounds.

    EDIT: HOWEVER, if you currently have a lower, you can have all the complete uppers your heart desires shipped right to your door. Radical Firearms still ships to NY. The only "illegal" part of an AR is the lower receiver, and you can purchase a complete AR build kit with an 80% lower and have it shipped right to the house. I must caution you though, while perfectly legal by federal standards, and not exactly illegal per NYS law, a friend did the same thing and was arrested. All of his firearms were confiscated. ALL OF THEM. He plead guilty to misdemeanor possession of an illegal muzzle device and lost his pistol permit for 10 years and has to petition the state Supreme Court for the return of the rest of his guns.

    That's why I didn't go all Kirk on him right away. The only thing that mattered was his HOR.
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    heh heh, he said HOR!

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    ^ this. You can legally purchase a long gun in another state, as long as the purchase would be legal in your home state.