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    I need to futz with the assault rifffles! I am going out to the shop and fire up the stationary belt sander and fit all the Yugoslavian, and Croatian BHO mags. The rear lug is too thick on all of the Croats, and a few of the Yugos need tweaking. WTF it's in the 60's out there and I have been putting it off.

    Then come back inside and remove the buffer tube from the AR and add the MagPul abidextrious single point mount. If the Chinese tool doesn't tear itself up!

    Too much time spent online! :p
  2. desertrider

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    I've got the ASAP mounted on a couple of AR's. I've got big ol' banana fingers on my mitts and putting the key way in was a tricky little beeotch for me.

    Good luck with it.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Yep I was 30 minutes over on my goal. That keeper was a chinga-linga. It kept going in at an angle. Only had to search for it on the floor 3 times :p I used hemostats to drop it in. No spring loaded needled nose.

    I sproinged the snot out of the keeper spring for the frame pin. I got it back in and it is working fine.