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    I purchased a new 10 rd mag with the plastic piece on the bottom of the mag at a gun show this past weekend. When I took it home to do the load and break in period I noticed after I loaded 8 rounds, the 9th and 10th seamed to depress the mag spring all the way and make the mag loose and spring not work, untill I would bang my hand on the bottom of the mag to jar loose the spring and it then shot up and locked the rounds. What do I do? I just bought it and it seems defective so do I have to send it in already? It also isn't feeding right when I pull the slide back to chamber a round it jams almost every time.
  2. Sounds like the follower is sticking at the bottom.

    You could take something and push the follower up and down and see if you can free it up, or if you are comfortable with taking it apart, you can take it apart and see if the follower is binding at the bottom.

    If neither of the above work, you can always get Hi Point to swap it out.

  3. call HP, or sent it back to HP, or even just buy another one from HP's web site. they only charge 18 bucks and shipping is free. next time don't buy mags from any place other then HP website.

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    okay I wont buy a new mag from any one other than hp I guess I should call
  5. Actually, I prefer the 8 round mag for my C9. I just don't like that big base of the 10 round mags.
  6. I hate the plastic butt piece on the bottom of the mags. I think the 10 round mags are the only unattractive part of a hi-point. Other than the 10 round mags I think the guns look pretty cool.
  7. SOLOFX,

    The followers usually have four small tabs, two on each side, left over from the stamping process and this is what causes most of the problems in a new mag. Remove the follower and spring from the mag, use a fine file or sand paper and smooth out the edges on the follower. Look down into the mag and smooth out the rear seam with the file because sharp edges here will cause the spring to catch as it is moving up/down during loading or feeding.

    To remove the follower/spring from the 10rd C9 mag....

    Depress the follower about half way...
    Insert a small screwdriver or cleaning rod thru the mag below the follower...
    Tip mag upside down allowing follower to come out, then slowly remove the spring.

    Make sure you reinstall the mag spring exactly like it came out of the mag, otherwise you will have feeding issues.

    If you have any more questions about doing the fluff-n-buff on the mag feel free to PM me. I have done this to ALL my HiPoint mag and have no issues with any of them.
  8. Good info rimfirehunter, thanks for sharing

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    ANY new mag I alway apply A LITTLE oil and take a pencil erasor side down and work the spring a bit before I load them.
  10. the 10 rd mags seem to be inconsistent - I have had 3 - the 1st one had a problem where rounds would hang up after the 5th round was loaded (I think it may have been distorted at that spot), send it back, was sent 2 new ones from HiPoint - the first one I had to a lot of tweaking (polishing, reducing the amount of spring pressure, adjusting the feed lips) to get it to work, the 2nd one was fine right out of the package.
  11. A friend of mine had trouble at first with his 10 rd mag, but it broke itself in, and works fine now. Our 10 rd mag has always worked fine.

    Its nice to have that extra 2 rounds, never know when they will save your butt.
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    If a newb may respond...

    As a self identified "gotta take things apart" junkie, the first thing that I do now is modify mags when I receive them. After learning by trial and error, the first thing I do with a new C9 10-round mag is completely disassemble it, polish the inside with fine emery cloth concentrating on the seam, polish the edges of the lips and follower and then cut of exactly one coil off the spring. Then all parts get cleaned/lubricated with Break Free before reassembly. I don't use oil on the mag and no other bending/adjustments are made.

    Since starting this procedure, I have not had a misfire of any kind with my C9 unless it gets limp wristed by another shooter. I've also done this for three HP owning friends and they've had the same results. The best part is this only takes about five minutes per mag.

    If anyone is wondering, while removing one coil works well, removing two isn't twice as good. The rounds feed well but there isn't enough spring tension to lock open the slide when the mag is empty.

    On JHP45 mags all I do is polish and clean but make no mods. Hope this helps someone... Or at least gets me yelled at for doing mods.
  13. Its your pistol hobo, if making small mods like that makes them work better for you, I say good for you and thanks for sharing! :)
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    Thanks a lot peeps. I really appeciate it! and RIMFIRE I thank you for the good advice! I might just PM you. Thanks again for every thing!