C-9 and Carbines

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    What's your guys opinion on using like a red grease like Pennzoil(which is a high temperature grease for wheel bearings) to use internally on the C-9 or carbines? I've heard of people on you tube using a ceratin type of grease for their sear pins and cam arms in their Hi-Points to make em run smoother and to use it for a trigger job. To be honest I was going to apply it on the high friction areas such as the inside of the slide too and such being that type of grease will not break down as quickly as oil would. Thoughts?
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    Should be fine.
    I bought a tube of lithium grease at an auto parts store myself recently.
    I also use ATF to clean my barrels.
    Kirk put a great little booklet about gun care for stingy people.
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    Just came across your post - I have never heard of ATF being used as a cleaning agent for gun barrels! Would you mind elaborating on how you use it and how effective it is for lead fouling? It's a sad day when we don't learn something new.

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    you more than likely do not have to worry about lead fowling, but ATF could very well work great. It is a great solvent type lubricate that cleans and loosens contamination. I even dump it down the carb on my older vehicles to clean the intake valves, and the top of the cylinders.
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    Pony up to be a supporting member. The go here for Kirk's cheapskates guide.
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    NE Utah
    Google Ed’s Red, it’s a common thing used by cheapskate gun owners that like to home brew stuff.

    Heck...here it is. And be careful, it’s flammable and can erode things that can’t handle acetone or fuel, so glass or metal is a good thing to store it in.

    CONTENTS: Ed's Red Bore Cleaner

    1 part Dexron ATF, GM Spec. D-20265 or later.
    1 part Kerosene - deodorized, K1
    1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits
    CAS #64741-49-9, or substitute "Stoddard Solvent", CAS #8052-41-3, or equivalent.
    1 part Acetone, CAS #67-64-1.

    (Optional 1 lb. of Lanolin, Anhydrous, USP per gallon, or OK to substitute Lanolin, Modified, Topical Lubricant, from the drug store)


    Mix outdoors, in good ventilation. Use a clean 1 gallon metal, chemical-resistant, heavy gage PET or PVC plastic container. NFPA approved plastic gasoline storage containers are OK. Do NOT use HDPE, which is permeable, because the acetone will slowly evaporate. Acetone in ER will attack HDPE over time, causing the container to collapse, making a heck of a mess!

    Add the ATF first. Use the empty container to measure the other container to measure the other components, so that it is thoroughly rinsed. If you incorporate the lanolin into the mixture, melt this carefully in a double boiler, taking precautions against fire. Pour the melted lanolin it into a larger container, rinsing the lanolin container with the bore cleaner mix, and stirring until it is all dissolved. I recommend diverting up to 4 ozs. per quart of the 50-50 ATF/kerosene mix to use as "ER-compatible" gun oil. This can be done without impairing the effectiveness of the remaining mix.
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    My thought: I just choose to not worry about gun lubing. There are plenty of gun specific products out there for me to spend my time and money concocting or using something else that may or may not work as well as what's out there and cheap. What's out there is OK with me especially since my gun has a lifetime warranty and the gun will outlast me.
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    Grease in the striker pin channel would be a bad thing.

    Off the shelf Ed's Red is used at the FHP academy to clean their toys.
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    Gun specific products costing like $9.95/oz and all it is is fancied up Ed’s red.
    ATF is like $3/quart at any auto parts store.
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    I won't use three quarts of either one in my lifetime so why would I want to store the stuff?

    More is not always better. I also have to believe that ATF is made for transmissions more than it is as a functional substance for guns ; )
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    ATF has lots of good uses around the house, so after you clean your guns you have left over for other solutions:)
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    I reckon. Not saying it's BAD for guns just sayin'.....

    I've often wondered if straight mineral spirits or straight acetone would hurt (or help) in barrel cleaning. Both are good for a lot of other things. Acetone, however, is a dangerous substance around stupid people though.....
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    Acetone evaporates to quick, has a low flame point and eats up your finish. Wood or metal.
    ATF cleans and lubricates.
    I’d you believe you need something that’s $9.95/oz then you need to back off the koolaid and probably stop buying Glocks.
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    Thank you oh authoritarian. I think you could have posted something up without being a smartass about it. Try it, you might have a friend someday.
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    I don’t need friends.
    Certainly not from the tinfoil or the what-if brigade.
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    Back in the day, we used ATF on vinyl roofs and dashboards of cars.
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    Back in my day we used ATF if you burned your lip lifting the lid off a cooking pot.
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    I never cared for the taste.
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    That explains a lot.