C-9 comp with light pics! PLUS range report....

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  1. It's an LED light with pushbutton tail cap mounted on Simmon's 1" scope ring:




    (sorry for the fuzzy images... It's my wife's snazzy digital SLR. I can't use it well as she's the photo expert, not me.)
  2. Oh, my! That is outstanding!

    And I always forget: what size grip fits the HPs?

  3. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    do the rings stay stable? where did you get them?

    I was planning adding a light to my JCP.
  4. I love it, makes me fall in love with 9mm all over again.
  5. I am still waiting for my lights. They are back ordered.

  6. The rings are Simmons .22 rifle scope rings. Any Walmart has them for cheap. They are rock solid and fit the C-9 Comp rail perfectly. No way they are coming off. The tough part is finding a perfect 1 inch light.
  7. I haven't fired the C9 with the scope ring attached - but it seems solid to me per some hand slapping and racking that I've done (as lame as it is for simulating shock and vibe).

    I'm wanting to see if I can possibly mod the tail cap and retrofit the momentary pressure switch that can be brought to the grip.

    I guess I'll also do a little searching on switches for this diameter light - but I'm not too hopeful.
  8. JMcDonald

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    I think I have that exact light. I had it mounted on my 12g before I sold it, and am now trying to mount it on my 995. It was and will likely again be mounted the same way you have it (using scope mounts).
  9. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Yeah my problem was finding a good light as well.
  10. JMcDonald

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    Oh, and this is the flashlight:

    It works amazingly well for the price, and is comparitively solid (all aluminum construction). Even in a mildly dark room (TV on, maybe a lamp), having it shone (shined?) in your face is suprisingly unpleasent and dissorienting. In pitch-black (with the only light coming in being from ambient light around the neighborhood), it can easily light up our entire living room / kitchen area (about 25ft x 15ft x 10ft high) enough to identify what clothes anyone in the room is wearing.

    Here is a pic of it mounted on my old 12gauge. I actually had to use two scope mounts modded and tightened down on eachother (one was ground down to form a "rail" shape, and the other was left alone):

  11. madmedic5

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    nice looks great and my new tac light came with what appears to be a scope ring so I bet it will stay put- like the brown grip=sharp
  12. I just bought that light about 30 min ago from Menards for $2.99!!! It is a awsome light for the money!!! Nice looking setup!!

    Well... I finally got back to the range after... I don't know how long but it hurts.

    But - I went through about 80 rounds all with the flashlight mounted, without a single problem!

    After I was done - I checked the scope ring and it was snug. Flashlight operated fine.

    Thought y'all would like to know... :D

    By the way - if you're wondering why I went with the Simmons 1" rings.... I had a hard time finding rings that would fit the rail underneath the compensator... they are NOT your standard weaver size.
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    i've had problems with those flash lights... been through a couple. i check them after each range outing and they start flickering after a few hundred rounds. i.d try to find something else. cause if the shtf it may not be dependable.