c-9 conversion/convertible kit

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by mike75925, May 24, 2014.

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    i recently saw the carbine/rifle upper for, glocks. any chance hipoint will follow suit? i don't know how well the 995/4095 are fairing, but since we don't get many accessories for our guns, how about this one!?
  2. Bull

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    Doubt they'd make a product that takes sales from one of their other products..... Sounds like a bad business idea.

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    Pretty cool but you're looking at HiPoint wrong.
    They're not the front runner tacticool company like some others.
  4. I could be wrong but don't you need to buy a tax stamp to give a pistol a butt stock or forgrip?

    Maybe its not a permanent change so it gets around the law.