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My objective is to send our feedback to Hi-point as to what people are looking for should they want to upgrade the design.

I can see by the "new" carbine stock they changed the design to make it more "tactical" looking. M4 comes to mind.

I have a feeling sales will take off because of the new design.

Do you think the number of ATI stock conversions and accessories sold,and shown on this site could have had an effect on the decision to redesign the carbine?

By the way, it looks like a copy of the Beretta CX4 storm, wonder if they got sued for duplicating their good design?

I think the photos posted on this forum show the demand for a better looking weapon. Even folks on this forum call the C-9 ugly.

Just think how much more convincing buying a hi-point would be if you could say it's reliable, inexpensive, great warranty and a damn good looking gun.
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