C-9 in Michigan?

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  1. I have went to a couple of Hi-Point dealers(Weidman and Coleman)and found that they had no 9mm or 40's and said they haven't been able to get them in about 9-10 months!!! has any one seen any C-9's in Michigan and if so where? Any ideas?
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    Duncans Outdoors in Bay City, Mi.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I am heading to Saginaw tomorrow so I will give Duncans a try.
  4. Try Guns-N-Stuff in Clinton Township. They are listed on HP's web site. Bill will hook you up and give you a very good price too.
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    I know of 2 dealers within 15 miles of me in southern michigan that have one in stock. One is J.T. guns just south of Jackson where 223 and 127 come together. And the other is at Johnson's in Adrian. I hadn't heard that they were having problems getting them. I bought mine at Johnsons about 2 months ago, and they had another one in the case within a week.
  6. I was told that they where having a hard time getting them by a crappy dealer so I think I am going to disregard what he said. Well I ended up going to Duncans Outdoors in Bay City, Mi. They where all out of C-9's so I decided to just go with the 40S&W! As cheap as these guns are I am thinking about picking up a C-9 as soon as they come in, but I will wait and see how I feel after I run a 1000 rounds through this one!! Thanks for the suggestions and the help, you guys help make this purchase happen.
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    I live only a couple miles from Duncans.. theyve got the only indoor 200yd rifle range around.

    how much did you end up getting the JCP for? did you find out how much theyre asking for the C9 nowadays?

    Duncans raised some of their Hi-Point prices right after i bought mine.. guess i doubled the demand..they were asking $139 for the C9 and oddly enough $129 for the JHP 45.

    last i checked the C9 was up to $179 and the JHP was something like $149.