C-9 Magazine possibility?

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    This might possibly have been posted before, but i was wondering if the 15 round 9mm clip for the carbine would work with the C-9?

    I am buying a C-9 tommorrow, an understand that it comes with either 8 or 10, but if the 15 did work, it would make this gun all the more enticing to buy sooner.

    Cant wait either way, but figured i might as well ask, being a noob and all to hi-point firearms.

    i recall reading earlier that the 10 round carbine clip works in the C-9 which if true is what got me to pondering this question up.
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    I don't have the promag 15 rounder. They have not gotten good reviews from anyone i deal with. Hi-Points use magazines, not clips. :)


  3. Yes, the 10 round carbine magazine will fit the C9. I havent heard of a 15 round magazine for it yet. Well anyways, welcome to the forum.
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    If you take a closer look, those mags are listed as "out of stock, backorder", they have been like that forever. check back 4/9/08, when they expect to have them stock again and see that they have changed that date........again.
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    Yeah, i noticed that now, Dam! Ive seen them in CheaperthanDirt.com As well as Sportsmansguide.

    But if i can get my hands on one soon hopefully i can let u guys know if it works out or not.
  7. Strangerous is pointing out that there is a difference between a clip and a magazine, and what the hi point weapons use are magazines

    A clip is for example a stripper clip for a SKS or a Mosin Nagant or Mauser rifle that has a internal magazine and you use the clips to feed ammo into the magazines.

    And I put a 15 rd mag into a C9 just to see if it would fit, and it got stuck and I was worried that I would never get that thing out.

    Never tried firing it
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    the 15 round mag is missing a hole next to the feed lips. mine would not lock in place also my manual warened against using old carbine mags because they are missing some thing the manual saidit could crack the frame not sure exacly what but cheack your manuel
  9. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=364294

    According to their website, they have some of them in stock.. And another thing, I think we knew what AS5383 was talking about when he said "clip". Granted, its not the 'correct' usage of the word, but a majority of the people I know use the words clip and mag, and we know what they mean without correcting them.

  10. I do too to be honest, but some people are purists about the difference ;)
  11. Yea, i guess some people just always like being right.. :roll: Anyway, I've wondered myself if the carbine 15 round mag will work in the C9.. i was thinking about how it would look with a long mag sticking out the bottom, so i took one of my eight rounders and had it about halfway in.. and i didn't think it looked that bad really... Kind of "gangsta" looking, but I'd take it for the extra rounds. If there was an easy way to get the promag 15-rounder to work in the C9, it'd be well worth the cost.
  12. I disagree. I think it is a good thing to be correct and use the correct terminology. Yes, I knew what he was referring to, but there is nothing wrong with teaching someone to speak accurately. Education is a good thing. It has nothing to do with someone wanting always be right. It has to do with an appreciation for what is accurate and correct.

    If a doctor is in surgery and says, "Hey momma, hand me dat cuttin thang," we all know what he just said. Is it accurate? Is it educated? Is it appropriate?
  13. There is nothing wrong with education, but if my buddy at the range asked me to hand him the thing with the bullets in it, I would give him the mag or clip, whichever it was ;)
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    Clip/ Stripper Clip/Mag etc...

    Tomato Tomaaatooo Poootatoo PotAtO!

    My lord are we all turning French now?
  15. The only time there is a problem with education is when it's being taught with such sarcasm that the original question isn't answered therefor negating any education. So many here complain about the "gun snobs" picking on our Hi Points. Why join their ranks by picking on a new member for doing nothing more than confusing a term used by a huge percentage of the people instead of using the "more" correct term? Frankly I'd expect more than that from a non gun snob. All that said I'm sure Strangerous did not intend to come off as a gun snob, right?

    Back to magazines I'm curious why the C9 and other Hi Points don't come with double stack mags. It isn't like they went out of their way to make a slim concealable gun, lol. ;)
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    I am not a gun snob. I am a purist/realist. The reality of gun ownership is that the liberal (sorry neo) media has painted the (us) responsible firearm owners as well, a group of uneducated people.

    I think we have a duty to learn correct terminology for our hobby/passion, as to not give any reason to believe we are uneducated. I just wanted to point that out to you, that there is a difference between a clip and a magazine. A clip is what rapper "Lil' Jon" "raps" about in his song "Throw it up"
    So to me, when i hear someone say clip instead of magazine, It's a slap in the face, because "lil' Jon" doesn't know the difference, but i don't expect him to... because he called a magazine a clip.

    You know the difference, now. They are not interchangable.

    No offense intended, and hopefully you understand exactly why I corrected you.
  17. Just checked that Midway link and they say that the status is available.

    I guess as soon as they get them they have a lot of orders for them.

    I seriously don't think I would stick that magazine in my C9. The ad says it is for the carbine.

    About the discussion of clip versus magazine. For years I always said clip and sometimes magazine. I knew that clip to most refered to the old stripper clips that were used to load the military bolt action rifles and maybe some autos. When taking my CCW class, the instructor described the different parts of a pistol and a revolver. He explained that it was a magazine and not a clip. Since then and since joining a few gun forums I have tried my best to use the correct terms when describing my pistold or revolver. But like most of you when someone says clip, well I know what they are talking about.
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    Strangerous, Clip / Magazine. Depends. It's sort of a reagenal thing, Creek, crick type deal. Where I was raised in NW Washington, the law talked about clips in a gun. The magazine is where you stored powder on a ship. In that case...Where are you shoving the ships magaizne in your c9? ;^)


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    Actually This is from Hi Point 995 mags while they will fit and fire from a C9 are unsafe as they don't have the plastic base to brace the mag against the weapon and will allow said mag to rock in the well. I only use C9 10 round mags.NEVER use 995 mags in a C9!!