C-9, or maybe even .380 for the wife?

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  1. So, the wife got her CCW permit, and wants to get her first gun to start carrying. I have the JHP .45, and she definitely doesn't like that, says it kicks too much, and she doesn't like my Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm, she says that kicks too much too (but it is the hardest shooting 9mm I know, since it's so small and light). She has shot the Ruger P89, and really likes that gun, so I'm wondering if a 9mm would be good for her, just a normal size/weight 9mm.

    Do you think the C-9 would qualify, as I know I can get a C-9 easily, and it would be well within our price range to get one right now. The Ruger P series might be a little more pricey than I'd like, and getting one might take some time.....plus I'd like to make sure she has a reliable gun with a lifetime warranty like my 45! I'd rather avoid the .380, as I figure if the gun is the same size, what's the point, and the .380 ammo is more expensive.......

    What are your thoughts, comments, etc?
  2. If she'll carry a 9 rather than a .380--get the 9. Don't skimp on your wife's carry, her life is at stake. Take her to look at a variety of handguns and buy what she wants to carry then encourage her to do so. The 9 is substantially more powerful than the .380, so it's a much better choice.

    Give her my congratulations and welcome to the fellowship of CHL. :wink:

  3. The 9mm is more powerful and the ammo is way cheaper.
  4. what ever you get her, make sure she goes out with you and shoot it so that she is comfortable with it. make sure gets out with it and shoot it. the more the better.
  5. exactly.... :wink:
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    check with someone on this board who is local to you or any range that has hipoints and have her shoot both to make the decision but you go out of hipoint range as well for a gun for her. get her a pink glock!
  7. Well, we didn't get her a C-9; we found a Star Firestar Plus that she really liked the feel and weight of.....plus the reviews I've heard on this say it's a pretty reliable pistol, with low to moderate recoil, and while Star isn't around anymore, it is possibly the easiest pistol I've seen to take apart and work on, so maybe it will be my first gun I ever work on if it needs anything done later on. :)

  8. Great choice, there accurate guns.
  9. That's a nice looking new gun there and she certainly looks like she knows what she's doing.

    Probably not for you, but for newer CCW troupers a reminder....... new guns + 500 or so flawless rounds = CCW choice. You need to make sure you've qualified your carry piece BEFORE you need it. Don't trust your life, till you know you can trust your life...... my 2 cents.