C-9 plus 6 mags for sale

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  1. OK with trhe way things are going in the area (and the armed robbery I walked in on last sat.) I'm finally getting off the dime and getting my CCW. So I need a CCw gun and my C-9 is too big for that.

    It's had 100 rounds through it (give or take a couple)
    1 - 8 rnd mag
    5 - 10 rnd mags
    still have the ghost ring in the bag.

    It works fine, in fact it's the gun I used for the CCW range test with no problems.

    I paid $169 for the gun and $16 each for the 10 rnd mags.
    I was thinking around $190 + shipping
    I live in Mpls, MN so FTF would be fine as well.
  2. Jarhead1775

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    Are you interested in selling the mags? If so PM me. Thanks..

  3. Man, this is a great deal! I can't believe that nobody has jumped on this. If I hadn't just bought a C9 a couple of weeks ago, and a 995 last week, I'd be PMing this guy.