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  1. Thinking of purchasing a C-9, and I have been unable to find out how many lbs. of pressure it takes to depress the trigger on one? Can someone give me a general estimate? Also, has anybody put in a Joey Trigger? Does it make any kind of noticeable difference?

    I went to my local gun shop today and I liked the way it felt, so I am pretty close to pulling the trigger, so to speak. I found a new one for $144 with one 7 round mag. I will probably purchase a couple of 10 rounders since it will not be my carry pistol.


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    im gonna leave the lbs of pressure alone, as, my feeling is, what difference does it really make. any grown adult with even moderate finger strength should have zero issues. as for the joey trigger, if you know what it is, then odds are you already know it is made for hipoints and this being a hipoint forum, likely there's alot of people using it. there's an entire thread all about it, how to order it, and with many positive responses. type 'joey trigger' into the search bar and you'll find it.

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    The Joey trigger is purely cosmetic.
    One thing that it does fix is the side to side wobble of the original trigger.
    The reason why a lot of people report a better trigger pull is because they've done what I've done which is lightly polishing trigger components when installing the Joey trigger.
    Just a couple of passes with fine sandpaper here and there will make a difference.
    Don't change the angles of any metal component just lightly use sandpaper on where metal rubs on metal or metal on polymer even.
    $125 is a good price.
  4. SWAGA - thank for the information.

    And Talon - as far as lbs of pressure for trigger depression, it makes a hell of a difference. My Springfield had a 7.5 lb trigger pull when I bought it. Going to 3.5 lbs of pressure for depression made a huge difference. It is obvious you have never compared the difference but chose to give an uninformed answer anyway.
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    Dude..... You've been a member of the forum since 2012..... Never searched the Joey keychain thread at all?
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    nah, im just man enough to handle a heavy trigger wieght, if the gun comes with one. it would never stop me from purchasing a gun i liked or wanted.
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    I don't think that my C-9 has a smooth or consistent enough trigger to have a specific pull weight.

    Often it is fairly smooth and feels like it breaks at around six pounds. Other times I just keep pulling until it goes off (maybe 10-12 pounds?).

    It has plastic parts rubbing against other plastic parts, possibly doing some flexing, and the sear lets go when it is ready.

    It works but it is not an expensive setup. It isn't like your Springfield.
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    You might double check what you are buying.. Last i checked the c9 came with a 8 round mag unless that is some new thing due to New York...

    As as the trigger weight, when i first got mine weight on a gauge read 9.8 lbs. Before I sold it it read 8.2 lbs. I have seen others upwards of 12, saw one that had the pen spring trigger job that had a pull of 2.1 lbs... so yeah... they vary...
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    i love my c9, im 26 yr old and its my first gun owned, for home n safety. plus i like to go shooting with my friend who own guns as well. i would really love to have one of joey's triggers but unfortunately i'm disabled and got my hi-point as a gift lol ty mom :p if anyone is kind and generous, would like to buy or send me one id be very happy guy. lol i doubt anyone will but you never know.ill send mailling info in my email,which is [email protected] and if by any chances you wanna buy/send me a Cheep trigger, that if i could by my self one i really would btw. would be awesome. "what comes around goes around" Sorry and Thank again,... [email protected] <--- ^^Hi-point Freek^^

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    If you can afford to go out shooting, you can afford the trigger, its only 23 bucks, that's a box and a half of ammo. And as the trigger is 100% cosmetic, you are basically asking people to help you play dress up for your gun.
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    nothing like jumping in with both feet into the cesspool. seriously? three posts in and your begging people to send you money???? yeah, i can see you'll be a real asset to the forums. anything else we can do for you? wash your car? do your laundry? maybe fan you while you sit in the shade?
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    im sorry im poor, and i thought "maybe" someone would buy me one. not like i'm asking you to buy me a new hi-point or anything,i thought this this page is for friends looking out for friends as a hi-point owners. no one has to do anything for me. nore do i think by me posting that someone would, it was a long shot in the dark. and im sorry for trying. i will be posting my finished c9 when im done polishing the barrel. Thanks for the replys. i wasn't expecting it. x3benny again ty
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    ok sure if i was buying the rounds, im lucky to even get to go out and shoot. :( i dont care what ppl say or think. i'm not baggen nore do i care if anyone dose, but thanks for ur support. :(
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    Perhaps a little back story and maybe an into would have softened people up a bit.
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    anyways iv gotten a visa card with 50$ on it and would like to buy a trigger, could joye pm me so i could send billing info???
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    i worked so much cleaning my landlords basments out...... blhaaa
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    Try going to the Joeys keychain thread, and flow the directions.