C-9 vs C-9 Comp

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    I've decided I really want to get a C-9 Hi-Point. Thing is, I can't decide if I want to get the plain C-9 or the C-9 compensated. It's intended purpose in my menagerie will to be a partner to my 995 carbine (I have a full frame .45 Armsor 1911 and and a 20 inch barrel Charles Daly 12 ga. pump for those of you worrying about my personal safety).

    For those of you in the know, is there in appreciable difference in the range shooting performance between the C-9 and C-9 Comp? The compensator on my 995 does noticeably improve performance for me, but I have no experience with such on handguns.

    Also, is there a shortage of C9s? My local dealer is having a hard time getting restocked with C-9 because their wholesaler is out and on a waiting list. Is that just a western Kentucky thing or what?
  2. The barrel on the C9 comp is I believe 1/2 inch longer than the regular C9, so that may result in a tad more accuracy. Just a guess

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    It's also about 10oz heavier. The same weight as the jcp. Don't have a 9 comp but might get one down the road.
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    Dont over think it get them both. Start with the first one you find :wink:
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    While that is tempting, I am a minimalist. I don't like to own so many guns that I don't shoot them all regularly.
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    you've got two hands don't you.........
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    Yup, and I can only hold one gun at a time. The way I was taught, it's better to have a few tools that can do many things than have many tools that do few things.
  9. Being a minimalist is fine.... it makes it easier for guys like us to get more guns... Thanks!!!

    Seriously, the C9 Comp is a great weapon, and so is the C9 without the comp. I guess it all depends on if you're going to carry the weapon concealed or what else you're going to do with it. For just range time, either one will do just fine. for CCW, the comp model is harder to draw and larger due to the comp, so harder to conceal.
  10. If your getting this gun for CCW go with what Primal said. I carry a C9 for CCW and to be honest I wouldnt want that extra half inch in length on the barrel its harder to find a holster for it and as Primal said its harder to conceal.
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    I have the comp and as stated above its probably not the best to use for CCW....but the thing looks pretty sweet and feels really solid in your hand due to the extra weight, I like it alot. I like the heavier feel and the longer look, its a pretty crazy looking gun when you put the 10 round clip in it with that extended bottom and the compensator on the end. The one draw back to it is you wouldnt really want to use it without the comp on the end because it looks just ridiculous when it is off due to the extended part of the barrel sticking out. i can say that there is no kick back at all with that compensator on the end, gun doesnt have alot to begin with and that thing on the end just holds it right down with every fire. Comp also has a rail on the bottom to add accesories like laser or flashlight without any modifications whatsoever. Long story short...get the regular c-9 if you have anythoughts of it for CCW...if you want a cool looking good firing solid gun to shoot around the range or back yard or you need to stick something scary looking in an intruders face...grab the C-9 comp and slap a light on the end. I like the gun.
  12. The major benefit I see with the C9 Comp is that you can add a light or laser to the rail attached to the compensator, this can not be done with the shorter C9 Compact model. I think this is the primary reason for the Comp model because compensators on 9mm pistols are not as effective as they are on larger, more powerful, handgun calibers.

    I chose the C9 Compact (non comp model) because it fits my vehicles glove box and consoles (legal in my state) and I have no need for attachments to my handguns. Not sure how much difference the 1/2" of barrel makes in accuracy, but I know my C9 is the most accurate 9mm pistol I have at the moment. I do know the extra 10oz of weight on the Comp model will help reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb, if this matters any.
  13. I like the C9 comp. Its the same size as my 40S&W and fills the hands better than the C9.

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    Well, the comp is hideously ugly, lol, if that has anything to do with it.

    Well, I'd say go with the normal C9, as I don't see any major advantages the comp offers other than attachments, but what do you need a laser on your pistol for anyway?