C-9 VS Orange

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    My dad and I went out to plink a little bit today. I had a couple of old oranges and thought I'd see how they would stand up to my hi-point c-9. This was shot with a federal 147 grain (hydra-shok), it wrecked it pretty good. Those guys who say a 9mm doesn't have stopping power should probably watch this video and then re-think it. I think this round would have stopped almost anybody.
  2. pjm204

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    man, I would hate to get shot where that orange was haha

  3. JMcDonald

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    Whatever. 9mms can't do that! You had to have put some gunpowder in it.


    Nice shooting!
  4. deaconwagers

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    oranges can't eff with a hipoint.
  5. I would be more than happy to say it doesn't have enough stopping power. In fact, no pistol does. It is a myth that cool dudes who use clips made up.
  6. No one will say that a 9mm CANT stop someone, I have 2 myself, I think what most people will say is there are better choices.

    At home, if I hear something, I dont grab my 9mm, I grab my 12 gauge.

    I think it was the old forum someone posted a pic that was a x-ray of a large bad guy that had 8 - 9mm slugs in him, and survived to kill the homeowner in a shootout.
  7. Strangerous

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    Thank you, my good man. I thank you for the truth! You have debunked the widely accepted truth about the pending zombie organge apocalypse. It's comforting to know that a single 9mm can obliterate an orange's brain, as it is the only why to kill it, because It's already dead.
    Thanks Again!
  8. A .22 LR can kill an elephant if placed just right... I just prefer .40/.45 because it's a little more forgiving if you miss a hair either way :)

    Nice shooting by the way!
  9. That'll teach those oranges! :D

    9mm is a great self-defnse caliber for it's size. Shot placement is important, though with any caliber!
  10. JasonJ

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    i honestly doubt most 22lr rounds could penetrate an elephants hide.
  11. Hit it at the right angle in the eye socket and you'll kill it.
  12. Oh, and before I get flamed: I know that's a one-in-a-million shot, but all I meant was it's TECHNICALLY possible. Just like you can theoretically hit someone with a .50 BMG and not kill them.
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    I agree with most of the guys who would have more confidence in stopping something or someone with a .40 or .45. I'm just saying that in a pinch I think the 9mm would do the job. I was surpised at the size of the hole left behind the orange on the plywood and how little orange I found left. It was basically orange juice everywhere and a few little shreds of peel.