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  1. Okay, I am going to ask this again.

    Back in December, around the 17th I believe, I went on-line and requested the C&R application form. It has now been just about 2 months I haven't received anything!

    In January around the same time I went back to the BATF site and requested again the proper application form to obtain a C&R license. It has been a month now and still haven't received anything!

    You guys who are getting your C&R application, when and how long did it take to get the form(s) from the BATF? Did you have to call and request them or what.

    I found a form on the internet in PDF format that has a date of 6/97 at the bottom right hand corner of the form. I am almost tempted to send it in or call them and see if I can use that one. Anyone know if the form has changed from 1997?

    I am just getting real frustrated cause I have been waiting and waiting and nothing.
  2. I ordered Nov 12th, received Dec 10th.

    I think they keep running out of forms.

  3. baahh its obama mania everyone and their great aunt is tryingfor everything firearms related. All the fence sitter are off the rail so to speak!
  4. I have to wonder again why they don't have a copy of it in PDF format available online. Those of you that have seen the apps, is there something special about it that would not translate over to a PDF form?
  5. Government bureaucracy, it's easter to spend taxpayers money by printing and mailing forms the to post as a PDF IMHO
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    I'm still waiting for mine as well. I think I'll call the local (Kansas City) ATF office and see if they have any by chance. Has anyone done that?
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    Funny this comes up I have been waiting roughly a month now and thought I missed it in the mail. A friend told me the local gun shop has some I am going to check there.

  8. Thanks for the replies fellas.

    I got my application in the mail yesterday, February 17, 2009. Don't know what their hold up was, but finally it is here and I have it filled out.

    I sure hope that it doesn't take as long to get the permit! :)

    I just wonder though how many more forms I will get in the mail, especially since I order a set in January and then orderd again last week.

    Oh well copies will be good to have. :)
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    I called the Kansas City ATF they don't keep the forms, she told me it should only take about a week or two to get it once you order online. I've been waiting for about 3 weeks I think.
  10. In January, I ordered forms on-line. After a couple of weeks I visited the local BATF office and they gave me the forms. The agent said that at that time their printing budget was at zero and the best way to get a form was through an office. I don't know if the Porkulus package just signed will give them any more money to print or not.
  11. I first got my C&R in 05' and It took almost 6 months to receive it. One day I got sick of waiting, called up the BATmen and a chick on the phone, goes.. "okay whats your name, just a sec... (2 minutes later she goes) okay, It'll be on the way to you."

    All I had to do was call.

    When my 3 years was up, They actually mailed me renewel forms ahead of time, Those where alot easier to fill out, Next thing I know its in the mail again.. Plus I've moved once, Changing my address and getting a new C&R was pretty easy too.

    Worse part is mailing the damn thing out to the surplus dealers. Oh, and paying for the guns. Although, I bought an M44 for $35 once, so sometimes paying isnt so bad.
  12. I had to do the same-- when I ordered my forms over the phone, I got them in less than 3 weeks. i filled them out and sent my $30-- 3 months later, still no license. I called the field office in Houston (wierd, as I live in Dallas)-- I talked to a nice gentleman who pulled me up and said, "I will issue your license today.."-- about a week later I got it...

    Got to love the government....