1. I'm sending mine out in the mail tomorrow. Dad sent his out yesterday. As usual he will be getting stuff before me.
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    I am now a C&R Holder! It came today!

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    now get on some mailing lists, and think about getting a second job :)
  4. Congrats guys on getting your 03FFL.

    Here is a question for you guys. HOW long did it take to get the paperwork from the BATF to apply for your C&R? I went to the website, clicked on the appropriate documents, put in my name, address and such and clicked one time and one time only the submit button. It has now been something like 5 weeks and 2 days since I requested the application paperwork.

    In fact I did it again last week thinking that something may have happened to my first request.

    You guys are going to get all the good deals out there before I ever get my C&R even applied for. :)
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  6. I'm gonna get snowed in tomorrow, so for every C&R I send out, 1 item goes up on eBay, that way I can be productive and have some income for more toys!!
  7. Here in TN, Dad said he had to go to the local BATFE and pick up some apps. He said they didn't currently have enough funds to make copies, buy envelopes and stamps, and mail them out. Something about fiscal year stuff. Ask him, he's sbroomheadsr.
  8. Actually, they said that until they had funding for the printing, they have to make do with what forms they have in stock. The agent said that it could be months. It took them a few minutes to find some forms in their office. I picked up 3 copies; 1 for On the Square ( a co-worker), 1 for Broomhead, and 1 for me.

    If you live in a city with a local office, you may want to visit them. Or maybe you have relatives that live near an office?
  9. Before I ordered mine online, I called the Columbus, Ohio BATF and they said the only way to get it was online. So they either knew who I was and didn't want to see my ugly face in person, or that BATF doesn't stock the forms!
  10. yeah, I can understand that. With mug like yours :cantlook:

    or mine :embarrassed2:
  11. It's too bad there isn't a PDF version of the form available online so we could just print off our own copies. Would save the BATF some cash if anything :)
  12. There used to be - I had one, and even arranged a few sheets of the legal (8.5x14) paper to print it, but then I was moving, so I never did print it and send it in.

    It would make sense to have one again - as you say, it'd save them money on printing, at least.
  13. Thanks guys for the reply.

    Don't know where there is a BATF office here close to me in WV, but I will do some checking to see.

    Well I will just keep flooding their inbox with a request for the form. Shoot I may get 100 copies before it is all over with. :)

    As for the government saving money...yeah right. But it is true it would save them a lot of money by just putting a PDF file online.

    I thought I had one once...maybe look around the office through my stacks of paper.

    Again thanks guys. I was getting worried that no one wanted to let me in the C&R club. :)
  14. Found out yesterday that BATF has received and has started processing my C&R license! :wideeyed:
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    Then you should get it, unless you eat small children or anything like that :D, its only a matter of time.