C40 Laser Alignment Procedure

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  1. OldVtBiker

    OldVtBiker Guest

    Hi guys and gals,
    I just purchased a C40 with Laser. Enclosed is a picture of my crude laser adjust assembly. Any thoughts on the best way to align laser sight? I just shot my first 50 rounds, no problems, very accurate.
    Thanks for any input,
    Ed :roll: [/img]
  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Welcome... I adjusted my sights then adjusted the laser to be the same as my sights

  3. hpman

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    I purchased a boresighter from wally world ~ $30. Set a target at about 15 yards and aligned the gun laser to the boresight laser.
  4. OldVtBiker

    OldVtBiker Guest

    Ari, Hpman,
    Thanks for the input. I have laser adjusted and now its time to shoot. After several hundred rounds, I shall recheck using a boresighter. Thanks again,
  5. Got nothing to add or say about lasers but I thought that with a handle like OldVtBiker I'd better say howdy.
    Though I do have a question or two about your pistol. How accurate is it? At what distance were you firing and what ammo were/are you using?
    I haven't shot my .45 yet due to "the flu in the home" and it's nuts to think about another pistol but if the .45 is as good as I believe it will be then I might just have a Hi-Point .40 S&W too.