c9 10rd mag unsmoth release

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  1. just got my new 10rd mag from beemiler, while it's not a big deal but when i eject my mag the mag will not drop by its weight. i would have to grab the bottom and pull it out, i think i read someone here have the same issues with 45's mag. does anyone have a solution for it?
  2. Does it seem like it is the body of the mag that is binding? If so, a little polishing or light lube might help out.

  3. never mind, i was trying while i have my snap caps in it. i guess the my c9 is try to feed the first round of snap cap, that cause the first round of snap cap move forward and the mag eject difficult. when the mag is empty, the mag eject without a problem.
  4. The 8 round mag in my C9 will almost never drop out on it's own, regardless of whether it is full or empty. I have not tried to lub or polish it yet, so that may solve it.
  5. i'm not quit know the solution of it, when i got my 8rd mag the first thing was to lub it up, try it see if it improve.
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    I guess it varies a bit between owners. You could as suggested lube or polish. When I first purchased both my C9 and .380, the mags were a bit tight upon release and needed some assistance. However, after multiple loads and unloads they worked themselves out. I can press the mag release on both weapons, and the mags will drop freely.

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    what should you use to lube up the mags like regular gun oil
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    While on the topic of the 10rd magazines:
    I received a holster 10mag and spre 8 mag from hipoint and the smell of cigarettes on those things is bad; but thats not the point.
    I noticed that i have to push the magazine a little bit forward once its inserted to get it to "click" and be correctly seated in the gun.

    Anyone else ran into that?
  9. they shipped you an old holster? the guy in shipping/receiving department most had one too many tall boy over the break. call them or email them see if they will ship another for you free of charges.

    for the mag, i think HP is a bit low on the quality control for their mags. most of them need a bit of personal tweaking.
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    the holster is new had new signs of wear but didnt come from a smoke free home
  11. ok, i'm really not too happy with my 10rd mag today. not only it don't go in to my c9 normally(i need to hit it with my pawn a few time). it also jam total 3 rd. i had a great record with my c9 before today. 1000rd total 8 jams(5 with my 8rd mag when i first get it, only once ftf after 600rd.) and two last week when i first got my 10rd mag. after that two i decide the mag spring is too tough so i put it aside loaded for a week, than today along in 100rd it jams 7 times.
  12. also, my pawn hurts like a bitch.