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Well y'all I got that extendo now braap skeet skeet...Lol just kidding.

I see alot of people looking for an extended mag for the c9s that actually works. I was curious why the 995 mags didn't work and set out to see what I could do. I did some research and realized the 10 round c9 and 995 magazine bodies are exactly the same. Hi point just swaps the bottoms and the followers to make either or. I started ordering parts shortly after. Long story short, if you swap the follower from a c9 mag and cut a 10 round bottom up to use as a spacer/alignment tool you can make a flawlessly working 20rd mag with very little investment or time. It took me about an hour. I should mention the mag spring will likely need a little adjustment at the top. I'm really happy with this. It fits right and cycles full mags with no issues. It does however look like it belongs in an extendo clip meme and you'll likely get roasted at the range.

P.s. this is legal where I live and may not be where you do. Don't do an illegal. Illegal bad.

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