C9 - 2nd Range Report

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by tjulian, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. tjulian

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    My kids and I got to go to the range yesterday. We took the .22 rifle, the C9, and the shot guns. We had lots of fun.

    This time I only shot Federal aluminum through the C9. I did not have any problems that I can remember. I still don't think that I was as accurate with the Federal as with the Blazers though. I did hit the bullseye twice at 7 yards, but I think my groups were a little bigger. I'm not positive, I didn't measure them.

    My kids, 19 and 23, did have some problems with feeding though. This was their first time shooting the C9. I tried to explain about holding the gun properly and limp wristing. But they still had problems. I did not keep count, But I think my daughter had a FTF each mag she shot, and my son had FTF in all but one of the mags he shot.

    I still have not done any adjustments to the gun. That may come in the future.

    Based on yesterdays results I think I will continue to buy the Federal aluminum for the range, since it is $3 cheaper than the other brands.
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    Well, I have not had any problems with the aluminum cased ammo, whether it be my C9's, or any other 9mm I have. I buy the stuff when I see it.