C9/380 Leather Holster

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  1. Timsierramist

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    We all know there aren't very many good options (in my opinion anyway) for a good holster with the Hi-Point 9mm. That said, I do like the the "official" one off the hi-point website under their 9mm accessories. The problem is, its a single picture with a very modest description. I'm actually trying to determine if that is a thumb break of some sort at the top of the holster or if the 9mm simply slides in from the back into place.

    Anybody own one and can give a few more details?

    My ultimate goal is to get maybe a new holster with a level II retention. This may meet my needs though.

  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    It's made by Galco, thin lower quality leather compared to many other holsters, but it does fit the gun, and it is a thumb break.



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  3. Timsierramist

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    Nice! Thanks for the pics and info! I think I'll get it.
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    Being left handed leaves you with even fewer choices!

    I actually found a Blackhawk ambidextrous belt slide holster works well for me. It keeps the gun close to the body and is secure.

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  5. SWAGA

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    Duster used to be a mod here and started his own business a couple of years ago.
    I've got one of his holsters, really nice stuff.

  6. Timsierramist

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    I would actually also like to buy this holster from Galls. The price point is excellent for a basketweave leather holster with some retention.


    I need help on sizing though. It gives 3 options for sizing, and they are all in gun sizes that I don't own or haven't used. The Baretta 92F, XD40 and the KLFM.

    I know these are not going to fit the 9mm perfectly, but as long as it fits and doesn't have any severe wiggle while in place, i'll probably be happy with it.

    Any suggestions which of the 3 fits best?
  7. Timsierramist

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    I knew about OWGS, but sadly, I think it would be out of my budget. Just looking for a cheaper options atm...like my firearm of choice, heh.
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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1414686543.914451.jpg this is a Outbags IWB holster for my Glock 19, but the 380-C9 fits. It was abt $22 on EBay
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    I have this holster too. I agree that the leather is indeed thin but not so sure that it's an indicator of "low quality". All of the other aspects of the one I have seem to be top notch. Why would Galco take a popular design, and couple it with quality workmanship and quality components with the exception of the leather? Granted the HiPoint branded holster may not stand up to the rigors of military use or daily use by a LEO but for the average civilian level of usage, I'm thinking it's more than adequate. I particularly like the retention provided yet almost no resistance to drawing the gun once the thumb break is released. As all of us (well at least most of us) know the HiPoint pistols don't lend themselves to easy or effective concealment. Now that we are in the time of year that coats or bulkier outer garments can be worn without attracting attention (at least where I live), use of this holster can easily be justified. It's comfortable, provides excellent retention and still allows for quick one handed access. If you own a HiPoint C-9 or CF-380, this is a great OWB holster. Just sayin'. TG