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C9 accuracy

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How accurate has everyone found their C9 in comparison to other guns?

I've only had my C9 out twice at the range.
The 1st time out, I also shot my friend's federal issue Sig (full size), and a Glock sub compact. I found I had a slightly better grouping with both the Sig and Glock, although very minimal. (maybe chance, maybe luck, maybe the Sig and Glock are more accurate...?)

2nd time out, I shot another friend's Glock also. This time both the C9 and Glock gave almost identical results. (sorry, I don't know the models of the Sig or either Glock)

Both times I was very happy. I had read some bad things about HiPoint accuracy (not this forum). But it's not true at all. In fact, I had several people at the range inquire what I was shooting, including the range monitor working there. Everyone wondered what gun was shooting that well. I happily told them HiPoint. One guy I don't think even knew what it was. I laughed inside, picturing him looking it up that night, and finding one of the least inexpensive guns on the market.

Granted, I've grown up guns. I've haven't shot handguns much at all. But a lifetime of shooting rifles greatly improves one's ability. And I believe after awhile, you can shoot practically any gun well from the getgo.
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I have had a Ruger 22 pistol for years but didn't shoot much until I got my C9. I haven't had a chance to shoot many other pistols and I am not a great shot. I am left eye dominate, right handed and I wear glasses so that does not help my shooting. But when I took my CC course, I found that I shot much better than the people with the expensive guns.

At our outdoor pistol range you can shoot from 7 yards, 10 yards, 25 yards and 50 yards. I never shoot at 50 yards, because I prefer not to make a fool of myself. :cantlook:
My C9 is pretty accurate, but have found after shooting a lot of range rentals to try out, your accuracy seems to be directly proportional to your comfort and familiarity with the trigger.
i think it has alot to do with the trigger no matter how good of a shot you are a gritty heavy trigger pull makes it hard to keep on target i own a c9 and love to shoot it but i resently shot a taurus pt1911 and that trigger is amazing 3 to 4 lbs factory no take up you just squeze and as soon as the trigger moves less than 1/8 in BANG yeah yeah i know 450 compared to 150 but if you cant hit what your shooting at that whats tha point im not a hater just dident know the difference a awsom trigger could make
The C9 is a pretty accurate little piece. Here's me giving mine a decent workout.

That's some stiff competition you're throwing rounds against. Glock & Sig...pfft...with that said, I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of a gun that cost under $200 NIB. The first couple mags I shot assured me that I had one accurate piece in my hand. It doesn't get any more accurate for the money. That's non-fiction. You can throw cost out, really. I know my C9 is on point for anything.

I think my first thread was about my being so impressed with the accuracy of the Hi Point C9.
I can't wait to go put another hundred or so through it tomorrow morning. and on that note g'night HPFF. I got a date with a C9 early tomorrow morning. ^-^
I think the C9 is accurate because the barrel is attached to the frame. You can't change out the barrel, but it ain't going anywhere either. Our C9 also had a great trigger out of the box and that really helps.

I am more accurate with the S&W 4506, but not by much and it's probably more about me than the gun.

I shot a 8oz Pepsi can at 45 yards with mine yesterday. Only took 2 tries to do it, using regular WWB ammo (yeah it's not recommended but mine eats it fine).
A week ago Sunday and couple buddies and I went shooting. I would say that it was nearly as accurate as my buddies Kimber. It may because I'm not used to his 1911 but I felt good about the performance of my C9.
I just went out this afternoon. At 10yrds, I am shotting a group of 8 rounds that is about 4" wide. And that is dead center. I use a two hand grip. Not bad for an old fart that has arthritis and is almost blind without glasses!!! I was using WWB ammo. My C9 loves it. Went through 50 rounds.

Get out and shoot!!!
I'm by no means an expert, and a newbie, but after 75 rounds thru my new C9, I'm needing work at 15 and 20 yds, but I'm in a three inch 10 ring at 10yds.
There's a direct comparison of a C9 vs a Sig P229 in the "other" forum, pretty similar results. And I was surprised the C9 is lighter!
Just for the record..I bought a brand new XDm 9mm..My C9 shot as well as it did. (I just got..and shot at the range..an older HP 9mm, fixed sights..shoots as good as either of the above mentioned) I paid $588 for the XDm and $80 each for the HP's..I love both but I can see where "some" people hate a Hi-Point..spending all that money for a shooter and an ole HP does the same thing. They need to get, and/or shoot the HP more. I'm a proud HP owner.
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