c9 & acp45 questions

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  1. I have seen that in order to remove the slide, you had to rack the slide, flip up the safety lever, push the pin out, flip safety lever down, move slide to front and raise the rear of the slide to remove it. Seems like a lot of steps. Could you not drill or notch the slide to have direct access to the pin? Also, I have heard that the holes for the rear pin can be tapped to 6/32 and a 6/32 x 3/4" set screw can be installed. Should these mods be done?
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    Not required to clean the gun that often anyway.

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    I've only taken mine down once, and then just to become familiar with it. That was before I shot it.

    I just flush mine out with rem oil and clean the barrel. It runs just fine.
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    Hi Points will run good when they are very nasty. Hi Point wants you to shoot the gun 1,500 times before you clean it the first time. When I clean my Hi Points I take the polymer parts off the gun. Then I just wash them with a water hose and dawn. If the gun doesn't come clean I just spray ir with Safariland Powder Blast, then wash it again. Then I used compressed air to blow the gun dry. Next I spray the gun with CLP.

    You do not have to tear the gun down to spot worn parts. You will see the metal shavings or bits of a part if something is broken.

    I have a Classic carbine that is at least 10 years old, it has never broke. I have several Hi Point pistols that have never broke. I have a Marlin 60 that I have had for 35 years, it has never broke.
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    You'll have to do some digging on the forum as we have had several threads about this topic in the last two years.
    Finding them can be a different story lol.
    I'm on my phone right now but I'll try and look later.
    The general consensus seems to be that it's not worth the trouble.
    Once you know the trick it takes very little time to take the slide off anyway.