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Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by drutter59, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. drutter59

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    I just purchased my 1st pistol and it is the C9. What ammunition do you recommend for target and then for self defense? Really a newbie here. Appreciate if you can offer advice!:)
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    NE Utah
    Target...whatever you can find at the lowest price. It all works for me.

    Back in the day, we were told to avoid Winchester White Box bulk, but many people have no issues with it.

    For SD...try a few, see what works well for you.

    Winchester Ranger, the Golden Sabers, or my own reloads, XTP by Hornady, in 124 grains.

  3. tallbump

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    For target, I prefer Federal American Eagle. Not the absolute cheapest, but on the cheaper end of the scale. I have never had an issue with it. I have had good luck with the Winchester White Box as mentioned. Federal has a new Aluminum case ammo too. WalMart sells it for $10 and I don't remember seeing any negative comments on it. I haven't tried it yet, they were out last time I went to get ammo.

    You'll definitely need to try some different hollow points for defense. And, your C9 might need broken in before it will feed hollow points reliably. After about 100 rounds through mine, it fed Federal Premium just fine, with no issues at all. I haven't tried any other since that stuff worked.
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    I've been shooting blazer and it seems to run fine, dirty though.

    No matter what gun I'm shooting, I use the same rounds to practice as I plan to do whatever else with. Since different rounds shoot differently it just doesn't make sense to practice with one thing then depend on something you're less familiar with.
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    Hell I nicknamed my c9 porky cause it will eat anything you stick down its throat. The only problem I have had is two Squibb rounds from a buddy's brother. who I found out later he loaded drunk.
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    Damn...... That would be the last time I ever trusted that dude.....that's ass-whoopin worthy right there.
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    Yea needless to say I dont get any from him any more. if my buddy loads them its cool but if his brother did im like ill pass