C9 and .380 mags

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    I know I've seen this question before, but I couldn't find it again. Are the two mags the same? I was at a gun show and a guy that had all sorts of used mags had three that were labeled for a .380 Hi-Point. They had plastic followers and looked kinda cheap. I found one other mag in the box that was marked as a 9mm Hi-Point. It was identical to the one that came with my C9. Had the metal follower and just looked better quality. All of them were the 8 round type. I also seem to remember seeing something about an old style and new style. Is it possible the 3 cheap looking ones were ProMag?
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    Same my 10rnd mag came in a ziploc labeled 9mm/380

  3. They are the same mags, absolutely no difference between them at all.
  4. Mumbles,

    The other guys answered yer question, but I do have something to add. The three used mags with the plastic followers are for the old HiPoint's that do not have the last round hold open option. The newer mags use a metal follower and it has a "Step" design to operate the last round hold open cam arm.

    I would stay with the newer mags, but if you get a really good deal on the older one's call Beemiller Inc and see if they will upgrade them.