C9 and .45

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    Both guns were flawless. The only issue that I had at all was due to limp wristing one handed on the C9. That only happened because I was messing around and it stovepiped. Not a problem with the .45 in around 100 rounds, the C9 used up about 150 or so. I guess the trick of keeping the brand new mags loaded up for a while is the key. I used 4 mags for the C9, 3 are 8 round the other is a 10. The .45 has three mags, one has been loaded for about a month, the other 2...just one week! I am very pleased with the performance of these 2 guns. (one of the other guys I was with also has a .45 and it was flawless too, but he's a member here and I will let him speak for himself)