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  1. Went out to the range today with a buddy and his stepson. Couldn't believe it - we had 3 failures to feed in 200 rounds. I believe strongly that limpwristing was to blame each time. Why? Well, two of the jams were the kid and he was both unfamiliar with semi-auto pistols and afraid of the 9mm recoil. He's used to a .38 revolver. The other jam was my buddy, and he said he felt like on that particular shot, his grip slipped due to sweat. He was shooting one-handed at the time.

    In any case, that brings my total statistics to 752 rounds fired with 6 failures to feed (or a .8 % failure rate). Prior to the first failure today, I had gone 387 rounds without a misfeed. Dang it! Makes me want to pull out the dremel and get to work polishing...
  2. That's a really good track record though, as you are still technically in your break in period, 500 - 1000 rounds.... a total of 6 misfeeds is good.... Keep shooting and remember, keep the wrist and elbow locked so the recoil is felt in the shoulder....

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    I say it is not broken in yet and as you say limpwristing could be the culprit. My Kel Tec P11 has had 3 FTF in 237 rounds. Two were by my neighbor who is not used to semi-autos. One was mine and it was ammo related. I was shooting WWB and when I cleared the round it looked slightly different from the others in the box. I cleaned and lubed her real good and I am heading back to the range in a few days.