C9, CF380 at the range - woo hoo!

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  1. Went to the range tonight to shoot my CF380 and C9. I put 150 rounds thru my C9 and it performed flawlessly. Now, if I could say the same for me. :D

    I was practicing with my left hand. Using a center mass target with 5 targets per sheet at 7 yards, I got more in the center mass area than out. Those out were still with a couple of inches of the edge.

    I put 50 rounds thru my CF380 and it performed flawlessly, too. The laser is still sighting true. It makes rapid shooting AND hitting the target where you want very easy and very fun.

    For those of you with a new gun (less than 300 - 800 rounds) and FTF problems, be patient. My C9 took over 500 rounds to break-in. Now, as Broomhead the Younger says, "It is as smooth as buttah."

    I also put 100 rounds thru my HP22a. No feed failures, no problems at all. The sights are good for 3 - 7 yards but I am not confident for more than that yet. I am still learning with it and getting better.
  2. Sounds like a good day at the range, wish I could have went, but had a LOT of grass to mow (sigh)

  3. Smooth as buttah! That's how my C9 performed tonight also. I went with Broomhead the Elder, duh! I had 2 FTFeeds when I tried to do the 45 degree slant on the gun (gansta style) that was taught in my CCW class for ease of resisting the recoil. That's 2 rounds out of almost 200. I shot some Wolf, Blazer [steel], WWB's, and 80 rds of Independence, all feed flawlessly.

    All my shots were in 2-3 in. groups, except for the first time I tried to shoot lefty, that was way off. I was trying different things, the remainder of the mags that fired lefty were dead on, just had to get over the awkwardness. One that really impressed me was going from a rest position with gun lowered and arms relaxed, to a firing position, assessing target, and firing all within ~1.5 sec. I had two bulls eyes, dead center!

    I also shot off ten rounds of JHP's to see how they would feed, one word... FLAWLESS!!!!
    I even managed some rapid fire, besides the obvious waste of ammo and therapeutic effect, I did damn good. All of those shots were within 4-5 in.

    BTW, Broomhead the Elder did manage to hold is own.
    :wink: :wink:
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    I took my c9 and .380 to the range today and the .380 didnt give me any problems, but the c9 still needs to be broken in...
  5. I had the same experience. No problems at all with my CF380 but until I went past 600+ rounds, I had an occasional jam with the C9.

    In the TCP class, for those of use with cross-eye dominance, the instructor suggested shooting with the pistol tilted at about 45 degrees. That lines the sight with the left eye for a right hander and with the right eye for a left hander. This works great for sight picture but. IMHO, makes it too easy to limp wrist. And we all know what a problem that can be.

    The above may not be relevant to your jamming but I thought my C9 was over the problem until I tried shooting on a tilt.

    Helps with the aim, harder to control limp-wrist.