C9 / CF380 Magazine compatibility

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by cdbillups, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. This question may have been asked / answered already but my searches didn't turn up the answer I was looking for. Since the CF-380 I bought today had 4 magazines with it I'm curious to know if they're interchangeable with my C9. I put two 9mm rounds in one of the mags from the 380 and cycled them through my C9 by hand. Is it safe to try and live fire? They look identical side by side. Since the C9 and the CF380 are basically the same frame it would make sense the mags would interchange. Anyone have a definitive answer? Thanks.
  2. In the HP brochure that comes with the pistol, they're identified with the same part number. I don't have both pistols to verify, but past discussions here on the board have suggested/confirmed/babbled uncontrollably after wrapping tinfoil around one's head that they are, indeed, the same.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to double check to see if anyone could confirm it before I try a live fire.
  4. Yes, they are interchangeable. I have both and load the mags with one type of round or the other.