c9/cf380 mags

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  1. Joe Sixpack

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    are the magazines the exact same for the c9 and the 380?

  2. squeak_D

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    Mags are the same, however due to that it really is very important that with the .380 model to make sure you slide each round to the rear of the mag, and tap it a few times prior to loading it in the weapon.

    With the .380 ammo overall being shorter.., there's more play and more chance of jams if you just shove the ammo in there all willy nilly :)

    I have both the C9 and the .380 and just for the hell of it one day while shooting I loaded the mags half assed for both guns. The C9 shot perfect, but I did manage to jam the .380 on a crapy mag load job. I've never jammed my .380 with a good mag load though.
  3. When you get a new mag for the .380 you may find it necessary to adjust the feed lips a bit to ensure proper feeding in the CF380.
  4. squeak_D

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    I got lucky in that I didn't need to adjust my feed lips. The ammo sits snug, but I did (like all HP's) have to break that spring in. The first day I got my HP.380 I tried to load the mag to full capacity. Well, the wife just ended up laughing at me whenI tried that one :)