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not compensator is not adaptable with a regular c9
posted by noname-
I spoke on the phone with them today and was told explicitly that the compensator from the 995 does not fit on the C9 Comp barrel. You can buy the compensator for the 995 from the site or over the phone thru them. I too think that the compensator for the C9 comp is a warranty replacement part. They do not sell them seperately and they do not fit on the other pistols. There is a 380 Comp and a C9 Comp and she told me that they are completley different guns than the CF-380 and the C9. I had originally called her to try to get a barrel for the C9 Comp to replace the barrel I have on the C9 so that I could try to mount the 995 compensator to the C9 Comp barrell. She said No and No. So I would save your money. Although she did tell me that I should be able to find a used C9 Comp if I tried hard enough. So that is my new plan. Hope that helps you.
10 round mags though make an awesome addition to the shooting experience of a c9, I personally have not tried the grips but word around the forum is they also enhance the experience ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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